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What does it mean if your printer makes strange "black ink blots" on some things you print out?

Strangely, this only seems to happen on documents I print from "Microsoft Word" and "Photoshop."

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    Your printer is trying to send you subliminal messages. :-)

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    If you have a laser printer, the drum inside the cartridge probably is sratched. The drum needs to be replaced, or you must buy a new cartridge.

    If it is a ink-jet cartridge, you need to clean the print head. Either run a print head cleaning within the printer's options, or take the cartridge out and soak it in warm water for a few minutes, wiping the print head clean after removing.

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    You need to clean the printer head. You probably have dust build up on the nozzel that is getting on the paper. Some printers have the ablitly to clean themselves, others, you may have to get in there and clean it by hand.

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    you need to clean your printer. Go to tools in your printing or options it might be called system. I believe its found on print

    Source(s): printer manual
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    Try cleaning the print head.

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    You must make the printer auto test

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    maybe there is something wrong with your printer or maybe there is to much deteails in the picture

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    maybe somethings wrong with your software.

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