Was BILLY JACK GOES TO WASHINGTON banned for 20 years? details please?

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    I don't think so. See the attached. Seems they were prohibited from using some sites in Washington because they were accused (wrongfully?) of desecrating areas of Arlington National Cemetery.

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    It pretty much still is banned. (30 years-made in 1976) To this day it has not been released in theatres (except about 12 for screen tests) and has NEVER aired on television. It also was never released on VHS or DVD until Tom Laughlin released it himself and sold it on his web site:


    Laughlin claims that because the film portrayed political corruption that it angered many in Washington and they blacklisted the film. When he screened the film at his home for a group of people a US Senator, I don't recall his name, became infuriated and attacked Laughlin and told him the film would never be released. A couple of years later that same senator was indicted for things portrayed in the film. No theatre would touch it and TV stations wouldn't play it. He has tried repeatedly to get it released but is still unable to. A few stores will carry the tape and the boxed set but it is mainly available online at his site and Amazon. I suggest buying the dvd and listening to the commentary track that Laughlin has on the disc and buying the book he has for sale on his web site...THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF BILLY JACK for all the details. Also, in addition to the regular boxed set, Laughlin has recently released at special 35th anniversary collectors 5 disc set. Each movie in that set has TWO commentary tracks...the original track from the first boxed set and a new track with him, his wife, and son. A great dvd set! It's like having Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor right in your living room telling you the behind the scenes details for how they made their films.

    The Billy Jack films are my favorites---I've been a fan for decades. Check out Laughlin's web site.

    One Tin Soldier rides away . . . . .

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    No, it wasn't banned. It was awful and was in litigation but not banned. No movies have been banned in the US since the 1930's.

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    go to www.bblackbanned.com


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