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It's a sin to masturbate?

since when and says who? a "god" who never has sex or masturbates can make that rule? seems pretty egotistical to me.

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    Jacking off is not a sin. Jacking off is safer than a vacuum cleaner or a goat.

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    It is only a sin if YOU believe it is a sin, imo, since religion is a personal choice anyway. Personally I don't think it is, and I think it is healthy and a heck of a fun way to pass the day, lol. Besides what's better, going around full of pent up physical desire and uncomfortable, or releasing it and feeling good and happy? If you masturbate (and are any good at it), you can take care of your needs, and get on with other things 'til the urge arises again, rather than walking around in a horny blue funk. And I don't see WHY people think it is "gross"; it's your own body, for crikey's sake. If your arm itches and you scratch it, is that gross? If you have to go to the bathroom and you go, is that gross? Give me a break. People need to relax and get comfortable with themselves.

    Have fun and feel good!

  • The answer to your question as posted is yes, by most major Christian religions. However, your additional comments show a fairly casual disregard for religious principles and a very sever lack of knowledge about any religion. That said, I assume you are not religious and can continue doing whatever you like, safe and secure in the knowledge that there is nothing to worry over. I would say that I'll see you on the other side, but I think it likely we won't meet there. Have a nice day.

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    Of course it is not a sin. However some christians may state that masturbation is a sin. You should keep on with it, cause you have to get it out of your system one way or the other, and when the other way isn't available, masturbate... Happy jammin'


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    masturbating is a regular area of puberty, even as hormone ranges upward thrust and issues commence to strengthen masturbating is area of having to recognize your body and which couldn't sin, the sin is interior the lust or delusion giving upward thrust to the orgasm that is self, so in case you are able to take excitement in your self with out lusting about someone or some different person, then is it sin? purely you are able to answer this question because sin is defined by skill of your faith not mine or some one elses yet yours, in case you need to be particular something you employ in or on your vagina is sparkling as you elements your self a bacterial an infection!

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    No. You just keep doing it. I feel that if there wasn't such a stigma there would be less sexual assaults and molestations in the world. Some people who fear God have no problems when it comes to raping women or molesting little boys.

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    Read the bible. Does it say masturbation is a sin? Are you too lazy to read it for yourself, or what?

    You probably masturbate alot, don't you?

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    Nah....It Can't Be A Sin, Its Suppose To Be Good For You I Guess. And Hey, It Could Be

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    Since "sin" only applies to religions, then yes it is a sin. It is the sin of covetousness. Either you're thinking about coveting someone else (Don't tell me you're not!), or else you're thinking about coveting yourself, which is also the sin of pride. If you're not a religious person, then you don't have to worry about any of that -- you only have to worry about the negative physical effects.

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