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Does exercise (arobic? correct me if there is a better way) IMMEDIATELY lower cholesterol/tryglyceride levels?

If one measures their amounts circulating in the blood of these 2 things, are they after exercise liable to be somehow "used up" for energy and thus will levels in circulating blood be immediately lowered until more food is eaten later? (If you know why, then how, as well, please... I mean, is cholesterol even used as an energy source or used in exercise for some purpose? And will tryglycerides be used or just blood sugar and protiens [mostly] to the point that the drop in tryglyceride levels are so marginal that it wouldn't show up on a test. Basically, when arobics are done until exhaustion, is your body 'flushed out' as it were of these 2 things?) Thank you!

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    anytype of exercise and the right diet can help lower this.

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    no you have to take medicine to replace the hormones your thyroid is not producing. low thyroid levels is called hypothyroidism and it can cause weight gain, hair loss, dry skin and cause you to feel tired all the time. I have had this condition for 6 yrs. I take my meds and i get my level checked every 6 months to see if i need to change my dose. if i take my meds everything is fine the only problem i see is that the hair thinning is still present. there is more than one medication for this problem

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