26 and never been kissed..... Am I a loser?

I've never been more than friends with a girl (or woman). So that means, I've never kissed, held hands, made out, or had sex. And I am 26. Do women find this to be a huge turn off? I realize that the older I get, the more awkward it will be to explain this to a woman. Is there something wrong with me? I've pursued or dated at least 20 girls (probably more) since high school with NO LUCK. It's so frustrating and depressing. I don't need or want another friend. I want a girlfriend. HELP!!!!

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    Hecka no does it mean your a loser.

    Dude, I think it's cool.

    I myself can say the same things.

    And believe me I feel the same way about wanting a girlfriend.

    It will impress that ONE girl of your life that you can say she's the only one you've kissed etc. I know personally I don't want my wife to have kissed and dated a million other guys before me.

    no my friend, I think it's rather a good and rare quality that you have not kissed a girl, held hands etc, now wether it means that your waiting for the right one or not I don't know, you'll have to answer that, but still, what do you think

    is it more valuable to have all that cool stuff to mean and be so much more special to that ONE girl that you end up with for you life, to both you and her, or to have kissed and etc every other girl you come upon or even just a few that came close and to only be able to share those experiences with that ONE girl the same as all the others?

    no my friend your not a loser, your doing better than most guys esspecially your age.

    hope this was helpful,

    if you want to read further on related subjects just check out some of my answers (mainly my best) and some of my own questions.

    Good luck in the future, stay with your clean record .

    Anyone can kiss someone etc but it takes a real man to be albe to say he hasn't.


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    4 years ago

    Never Been Kissed Loser

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    I know it can be depressing and very frustrating but when it comes to things like that it's all about timing, and for some people it takes more time than others. Maybe you've never been kissed is because the girls you've dated like for guys 2 make the first move. So when you think the time is right you just make your move. When you find the right person she will except you whether you've never kissed, held hands, etc. So keep looking don't give up she's out there.

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    DUDE! You gotta see the 40 yr. old virgin, it was hilarious! There is nothing wrong w/it . In fact its a turn on for some because what ever woman you do get with can show you or tell you exactly what they want, which is a sure pleaser! About the 20 or so you've dated, think back to what went wrong? Did it seem to be the same thing? Is your self esteem low? Confidence sometimes speaks for itself. Good luck anyway, things will happen I'm sure!

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  • DG
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    1 decade ago

    NO...you are not a loser.

    I've known of several men who were older than you and still virgins when they got married.

    It could be that you're somewhat shy around women,

    and just aren't very good at expressing yourself or making conversation.

    You need to learn to be more open. A good sense of humor will usually help to break the ice and put the other person at ease. Believe me, the right one is oout there. Sometimes, you just have to pick through the whole barrel of apples before you find the one that's right for you.

    Good Luck~*

  • mar
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe you are trying to hard. Develop friendships first. Twenty woman in a few years of dating is a lot of dates. When the time is right the right woman will come along. And if she is the right woman she will respect your innocence, not be put off by it.

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    People may perceive you that way, and truthfully I did. But just because you have not been kissed doesn't mean that you are a loser. I believe you should have made a move on one of the twenty girls though.

    Girls like guys who are very confident and vocal. If you like her, tell her you like her. If you want to be with her, tell her. Step up to the plate, and i bet you will get alot more kisses.

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    I wouldn't think it is something that you would need to talk about with women. If it is something with your apperance, then maybe you can work on it. If it is just that you are shy, talk to a therapist. They really can help. I would just get out there and meet people, eventually you will find the right person.

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    I am a 28 yo female and do not find it to be a turn off, but it is kind of strange; however, in time you will find the right woman for you and you all will live happily ever after.

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    You remind me of that guy on 40 year old virgin. But your problem is that with girls you end up in the "friend zone" when your with a girl that you want more than just a friend you got to avoid that.

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