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Do you ever feel hungry for something but nothing seems to satisfy, like it is deeper that food or drink?

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    YES. i know what you mean. it usually happens to me late at night. i usually just have something healthy (if i can help myself!). but i think the cause for that mouth-hungry feeling is that you havent eaten well enough during the day. for instance, if you haven't had sufficient calories throughout the day or it could be something emotional that is causing you to eat. there are lots of causes

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    Yes and when those cravings hit I look to my life and try to determine where I'm unfulfilled in that respect and how I can work toward fixing it. Then I make something healthy, like a really fabulous salad and forge ahead!

    On the other hand there is nothing wrong with the occasional comfort food fix either. So, I walk an extra mile or swim some extra laps to compensate. Sometimes a Godiva chocolate fix is what it takes! *LOL*

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    Yes, we often eatr to satisfy a desire for love...

    Source(s): Doreen Virtue, Healing With The Fairies.
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    this is dopamine screaming to be released.. do you smoke... recovering from drugs or alcohol? this is typical in these types of personalities.

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    yea i do like almost everyday,i dont understand why though

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    thats how poeple get fat

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