Why are class valedictorains forbidden from saying the name Jesus when they give their commencement speech?

I thought that we have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

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    They're not banned from saying "Jesus". They're just not allowed to witness or try and convert people in their speach. (Which is what that one girl recently got shut down for, and she knew well in advance that she would be stopped if she tried.)

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    We also have freedom of speech. This is where individuals that ban speaking the Lord's name or praying in public lose their sense of reality. It is "freedom of" not "freedom from", therefore, the valedictorian should be able to say what he/she wants. If I were valedictorian in today's schools (been a while, and I was only 4th, not first in my class), I would prepare my speech with it anyway, and if I was forbidden to say it, I would stand behind the podium and state that I wasn't allowed to speak freely, therefore I decline.

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    Good point. The First Amendment was supposed to prevent state-sponsored religion, not prevent others from expressing theirs. But because the schools receive federal funding, and they pay for the graduation, they can't let it even seem like they may be sponsoring religion. That's why religion is supposed to be kept out of public schools.

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    Yes, they also forgot the Freedom of Speech amendment. Say it anyway. They really can't stop you. Once you've already said it, it's too late. What are they going to do about it .... give you detention?

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    I don't know but at my school our saluatorian said a prayer, then the class pres. includes Jesus/prayer/etc. into his speech. And we're a public school, but for a public school, we do pray a lot. (At our school you're either Christian or don't care. And with that you can do quite a bit and no one has a cow)Our valadictorian didn't mention Jesus, then again I don't know what her religious background is. But anyway, that's where our school stands.

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    Yes, but what about everyone else's freedom from having YOUR religious beliefs pushed on them. You need to think about more people than just yourself little missy!

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    It is very appropriate to keep it out of speeches in a public school.

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    because seperation of church and state now also means seperation of church and the individual

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