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Did anyone cry when they heard about the STS-107 mission dying upon re-entry?

I didn't cry right away, but after going online and reading about them and seeing news coverage or videos, it started to sink in and I cried a couple of times..I also had the luxury of seeing the launch live on a Milwaukee, I TV news station since Laurel Clark was from Racine, WI...

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    Are you kidding? Yes!

    Even if my parents weren't both NASA scientists working at Kennedy Space Center, even if I hadn't actually touched Columbia and stuck my head in it while it was on the launch pad, even if I didn't have a picture from that tour of NASA showing a big banner saying "Go Columbia!" on it, I would have cried.

    Seven heroes died exploring one of our farthest frontiers. You cry, salute, pay your respects!

    (Note: that tour was years before STS-107)

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    I was unaware of this space mission, but it is quite sad to see a mission fail and die upon re-entry! This is a sad day for space research!!!

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    Nope. Didn't even know about it. That's what they get for taking such a risk. We were never meant to go out in space like that.

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    I'm still crying :'(

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    me did not cry and then me did... i felt it too.

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