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    Israel has been the homeland of the Jewish people since Biblical times. Following the Holocaust, the land was officially designated as a Jewish state. It was a barren area with little going for it. The wandering Arabs who had lived there had done nothing to develop it in any way. There was no oil on the land and it appeared to be impossible to make it habitable.

    The Jewish settlers set about to make the land productive. They brought in modern methods of irrrigation and built universities, cities and thriving businesses. When the Arabs saw this, they wanted the land back. Israel tried in every way possbile to accommodate their neighbors but nothing satisfied them. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only ally the US has in the region. They are surrounded on all sides by terrorists.

    Israel gave up large tracts of land and bulldozed their own settlements to give the Palestinians their own country. However, this did not satisfy the terrorists. Time and time again they have sent suicide bombers and missiles to kill innocent civilians. Israel even built a wall to try to keep terrorists out, but the raids kept coming and they were on constant terror alert. Now Hamas and Hezbollah, two of the terrorists groups, have kidnapped Isaeli soldiers. Israel has had enough. They are now doing what the US should be doing - destroying the headquarters of the terrorists. These are the same terrorists that attacked us on 9-11 and have attacked Britain, India and other countries.

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    Yes, Israel is justified. If the terrorists leaders in Lebanon would stop using the innocent civilians as Shields, and hiding behind them when fighting, then the civilian loss would be much more limited. Who do you think the Hezbollah is killing.... Yep, the answer is Israeli civilians, so why is that OK? You fight fire with fire. Hezbollah and all terrorist kill innocent civilians every day. Where were you on 9/11? The specific target was innocent civilians. It's never a level playing field as long as terrorist target and use innocent civilians as their pawns. Yes, Israel is VERY JUSTIFIED in what they are doing, and that is trying to limit the civilian casualties by targeting government and militant targets. Hezbollah just fire missiles without caring where they land. Can't you see that. Can't EVERYONE see that?

    Oh,and SHY, Awake up. Heck you can't even spell HEZBOLLAH correctly, much less understanding the whole situation. Read a few History books on the subject.

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    I simply cannot understand how anybody could blame Israel for simply standing up for itself. It's beyond me. They didn't start this skirmish that's quickly escalating to an allout war, Hezbollah did. I agree entirely with Notyou311 and already think that's the best answer. Israel has been minding its own business and trying to keep to itself, until Hezbollah came in and kidnapped a couple soldiers. If that were here in the US, you can be damn sure Bush would be at war within minutes, he seems determined to go to war with the rest of the world. But since it's Israel, they shouldn't be allowed to retaliate when they were struck first? They even gave Hezbollah consitions and they'd cease all hostilities, Hezbollah wouldn't agree to it. The innocent civilians dying are because the terrorists contain most of their operations and strongholds in civilian areas, much like the terroroists in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East... because they are cowards. I support Israel fully, and hope they continue their campaign so mabe theie terrorist neighbors will think twice before attacking them again.

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    It would be justified to retaliate to a certain point. It is not justified to kill so many people over just 2 soldiers. They are killing more innocent civilians provoking more retaliation from these terrorist. 200 Lebanese and plus lives is not worth 2 Israeli soldiers. Israel can only accomplish all of this because our country (USA) gave them all these weapons. We wouldn’t kill so many people over 2 soldiers in Iraq, but Israel can care less about innocent civilians. I think the US should stay out of this one and not intervene. We should probably stop supporting Israel militarily all together and help the Lebanese government get rid of the terrorist who started this conflict.

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    Israel is trying to kill terrorists (or people that want to wipe Israel off the face of the map) and destroy the terrorists weapons,and in the process of killing the terrorists, Israel is killing citizens that are being used by the terrorists as human Shields.So in a round about way the terrorists are killing citizens on both sides of the front line of the battle.

    If you let TERRORISTS hang out in your neighborhood and hide missiles in your neighborhood you are probable going to be killed that is what I think.

    and all of these people that are apologists for the hezbollah terrorists can kiss off!

    the hezboolah terrorists are wussies that hide behind Innocent women and children

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    This maybe the case, but still Israel's attacks are justified, because the purpose of the attacks is to destroy terrorist infrastructure, and to prevent from terrorist in a foreign country from attacking Israel.

    It would be better if the Lebanese government prevented the terrorists from doing this, but unfortunately they cannot (or don't want to), so Israel has to do it instead. This causes unnecessary civilian casualties.

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    Unfortunately, in war, innocent people are often killed. It is an unintended consequence. If Hezbollah had not placed their missile and rocket launchers in residential neighborhoods Israel would not be bombing there. Israel has the right to defend itself. Hezbollah has been sending homicide bombers into Israel to maim and kill innocent Israelis for far too long. My heart goes out to the innocents on both sides. Hezbollah, Iran and Syria could end this now by laying down their weapons, pulling out of Lebanon and not funding terrorism in any way, shape or form.

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    Israel has always targeted civilians.

    As for Notyou311 above. A poor illinformed, dumbwitted idiot to believe in propaganda.

    Hamas and Hizbullah are members of a democratically elected government.

    They have been fighting for the freedom of their oppressed people.

    Israel has been at war with Hizbullah on the border for years now. The excuse of the kidnapped soldiers does not justify their attacks on innocent civillians.

    Check out this website!

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    its is justified. It is attacking installations and locations that has supported terrorists.

    The terrorists have been nurtured there, so many people though not directly involved in terrorism are affected. It is the responsibity of the respective governments to stop rockets attack from their soil into Israel.

    Since they are not stopping them, Israel is doing that task for them. The terrorists are more responsible for been taking shelter and using people as shield.

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    I heard last night that they are taking on the innocent people in the city's and villages. I think that Pres. Bush needs to do something, ALL the world leaders need to come together and take out the main problem and that is Israel. If we don't do something soon the world is in big trouble! Those fighters they have are crazy they live to fight and they need to be stopped!

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