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summer makeup?

whenever i look through magazines or even see women out when im out on a saturday night, their makeup looks fab, it looks really natural and shiny, especially onthe cheeks. what is the best makeup to wear like that? I have olive skin, which is getting tanned as summer goes on, dark hair and eyes. can anyone recommend the bets products, type and colours of makeup to get that look.

oh one more thing, i don't like not wearing eyeliner, but i am also going of the black line look going accross the eye, i have seen some girls wearing eyeliner under ther eyes (a thin line) if you get what i mean, but whenever i try it, it doesn't go on just where my bottom eyelashes are, it still goes quite thick and then smudges with the heat during the day! any help ther as well??? thank you in advance! x x

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    If you use a loose powder with a big fluffy brush and dust your whole face with it including your eyelids that will keep your face from getting oily looking. Choose a color that has a natural look to it, not a heavy makeup look.

    Using the powder 1st this will hold your eyeliner on better too.

    If you still want to use black eyeliner try "soft black" this is less dramatic, or a dark brown is always good.

    Start at the outside of your eye and work your way in with the eyeliner. Don't draw the line on, use tiny little markings until you get it on, this will keep it softer looking. And don't go all the way across, sometimes just a tiny bit in from the outer edge is all you need on the top and bottom, kind of like a V.

    Curl eyelashes, and use a black mascara, not to heavy though.

    Blush is best light, just highlight the cheekbones so they shimmer when you smile.

    Summer lipsticks are great in bronze colors with a liner too.

    For dark hair and eyes, bronze and soft golds are beautiful in the summer.

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    *The Girls of Summer*

    Staying cool but looking hot is the name of the game this summer. But, how do you pull this off? Here are some suggestions to at least make you look cool! Lets start with our makeup.

    Summer makeup is minimal. You should be able to see your features at their best. We shouldn't see your makeup. Use cosmetics to play up your features.

    If you really need to even out your skin tones, apply foundation with a damp sponge. It will go on evenly and no streaks to ruin the effect.

    *Tinted moisturizer is another possibility for adding just a little color to that pale complexion.

    Now lets move to the cheeks. There are so many colors to choose from, choosing the right one can be incredibly difficult. Here is a little trick that I learned a few years ago...

    pull down your bottom lip and look at the color of the skin. That is your natural blush color.

    Eye shadow is another one of my loves and the best colors for summer are warm shades. A touch of bronze or coral seems to work well for just a touch of "polish" to the lids.

    Mascara is still a must for me but again, use it with care. We sometimes forget that the purpose of this product is to darken/thicken the lashline. Spidery looking lashes are out this summer. One coat should be enough.

    Instead of a heavy lipstick, opt for a lip gloss with a smidgen of color. Nude lips look so much more natural. Coloring with a pencil and then applying a layer of lip gloss should do the trick.

    Now that all of your makeup is in place, it is time to recheck your blush. Chances are you might need a little more.

    So that's it, your summer makeup is perfect. In fact most people won't even realize that you are wearing any at all. They will simply think that you were born that way!

    *Don't Overload Makeup in Summer*

    One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is to wear too much makeup. especially in summer when the heat can melt away eyeshadow & foundation. But too much makeup can actually add 10 years to a person. You know the look: Pancake foundation, clown-ish blush & tarantula eyelashes, the black eyeliner a half an inch thick. We believe that in summertime the average woman needs only:

    1. Sunscreen (our pick: La Roche Posay)

    2. A concealer for undereye circles & blemishes

    3. A tinted moisturizer (our favorite: Bobbi Brown)

    4. Mascara (Lancome rules)

    5. A light colored lipstick or gloss

    6. Soft eyeshadow shades for nighttime

    7. Self-tanner (we prefer Clarins)

    Depending on your skin color, you might not need blush in the summertime. These are just the basics -- add a shimmery bronze for your 'T-spot' & a spritz of a light fragrance & you're good to go. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below.

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    Try a shimmery blush or bronzer on your cheeks. I like Clinique Shimmer Sweets in Peach Bronze and NARS blush in Orgasm. Both have natural color, the first is more bronze and the second is more pink, but they have nice shimmer.

    I have a great trick for getting a thin, perfect line under your eyes, it's going to sound strange but I promise it works. Before you wash your face in the morning, put eyeliner on under your eyes. A little too thick is just fine. Then wash your face and try to remove it. You'll be left with a thin, perfect line at the base of your lashes. I discovered this by accident one day when I was experimenting with makeup at home and got it on too thick. Also, try a liquid liner (Almay's is good and the brush is easy to control) on your top lid to draw a thin line at the base of your lashes.

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    okay a cute summer look i like is to dust a lil gold shimmer on the cheekbone area i think it looks fresh and young. bout the black eye liner here is a good trick for a bold line that stays all day i use mayballie velvet black well sharpen it first then burn it with some matches or a lighter careful not to burn ur self so blow on it to cool it off then apply slowly over ur lower lashline perfect. I cant leave my house without doing this if i do i feel naked. hope it works. peace.

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    try avon highliter stick or clinique highlighter in bronze for the shiny cheekbones and make sure ur eyeliner is sharp then pull the skin under your eye taught (be gentle) then sweep a little eyeshadow over it to set it.

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    Try Clinique...it's the best brand I have used and it's fairly affordable. Everything they have is good.

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