i have lymphoma cancer and i have to go to madison for bone marrow and stem cell transplant,?

does anyone know how long i will be in the hospital? i got hodgkins lymphoma.

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    In 1996 I went to Indiana University Hospital for two rounds of high dose chemo and two stem cell augmuous transplants. Ithey put a Hickman catheter in my chest for the chemo and took the stem cells from my body and stored in a blood bank because they are life sustaining and the chemo would destroy it. My treatments began November 1st and ended Nov 19th for the first round and after two weeks of recovery time I went back Dec 4rd and got out Dec 21st. After your blood counts go back up they reintoduce your stem cells back into your body and you are in an isolated germ free room. I'm proud to be a survivor and thanful to God. Email me if you want to as I'd love to help if I can. Keep your faith and stay strong my friend and God Bless You1

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    It depends on the facility and if it is a teaching facility or a normal hospital and how good your doctor is when it comes to doing the marrow transplant.

    The few I have helped do were only about 1.5 hours long after you are preped and ready to go in the surgery suite. If they run into a bump or something, it might take a little longer but you can guess about 1.5-3 hours at the most from a scrub tech's guestimate. for JUST the surgery part. Now the recovery time might be anywhere from 2 days and more depending on how well your body tollerates the transplant. If you have any complications with the transplanted marrow or stem cells then you could be in there a little while (guessing 1-2 weeks). With no complications you might be out in 2-4 days if your wounds heal good.

    Your best answers will come from your doctor though. That should have been part of your patient teaching for this proceedure. If your doctor did not clarify this with you, you need to go and speak with him/her about further teaching on this proceedure. Education for the patient is number one priority when you have to go in for surgery. Never be scared to ask anything. That's what he/she is there to tell you. That's their job. If they fail to tell you what you need to know, you are an 'uninformed client' and that is not a position you want to put yourself into if at all possible.

    Good luck and lots of prayers are with you!

    Source(s): Knowledge comes from my experience as a scrub tech in the operating room. If you want to know more about the surgery you might be able to find out more about it from WEBMD.com or Discoveryhealth.com
  • Stem Cell Transplant is something that I am currently looking into and with the information I just recieved, I was told that I would be in the hospital two weeksn and then 4-6 weeks in an outpaient living house. Email me if you want to chat. This is all so new to me it would be great to have a friend. My thoughts are with you. Good luck.

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    i have a friend who is having stem cell transplant and she has to be in hospital for 2 months and cant leave the city she is having it in for 6 months good luck with everything, have you ever heard of essiac tea, it is an herbal tea you may want to read about it agian good luck

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