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Tattoo prices?

Ok, so does anybody know how much would a tattoo ( 1 letter) on a lower hip cost? approximately....

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    Tattoo prices depend on:

    The artist and shop prices


    Font, detail, how long it will take.

    Placement on the Body, certain places are harder to tattoo.

    At most shops around here if the letter was a basic script and it was no bigger than 1 inch by 1 inch it would be about 50.00 which is the minimum starting price for all tattoos.

    Minimum prices are usuially anywhere from 50 to 100.00 depending on the shop. In a tourist trap it could be expensive.

    Keep in mind this:

    Good tattoos are not cheap.

    Cheap tattoos are not good.

    If you think your getting a great deal on a 15.00 tattoo, its going to look like a 15.00 tattoo. Tattoo artists are not going to take their time for a cheap tattoo you'll end yo with a bumpy raised looking tattoo from the scar tissue. It may lack colour in some spots and not heal properly. I've seen 15.00 tattoos and they look bad.

    Source(s): I work in a tattoo shop.
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    It depends on the place and often the quality of the tattoo (how many colors, how big, how complex, etc.) and tattoo artist (if popular or famous, rates are sky high).

    Some prices that vary, but are almost always there are-

    1. A base charge-basically just for sitting down and starting as well as for the use of the needle and the black color.

    2. Time-The more the complex the tattoo the more time it will take, think hourly rates almost.

    3. Colors-For every color you open besides black, you'll have to pay an extra fee, the more colorful-the more expensive.

    You might run into more than that, but hopefully it will be a good start to an answer for this, my advice would be search different tattoo websites of your area or wherever you're thinking about going to get one. This way you'll probably get a better idea of the artists available as well as the prices of the pieces.

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    It all depends on the shop u decide to go to. Keep in mind that cheap tattoo's look cheap!

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    well i dont know i do have a tatoo on my lower back i got it done 6 days ago and man it still hurts and my family did it fore me i payed 250 for it from him.

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    a good tattoo parlor is usually minimun $50.

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    any where from 40 bucks and up you might get a good deal depending on the color you want though

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    Depends on where you go and who does it.

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