Does anyone have a personal account of the Ecuador volcano Tungurahua that erupted the other day?

I've been within a few miles of this volcano and I love Ecuador. I was there just 3 weeks ago and plan on perhaps going back to live there. Currently I live in Mississippi, USA.

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    I live in Ecuador, so what exactly would you like to know?

    Basically we've been expecting for it to eruptionate for years, and this time they were careless in my opinion. They prepared the people living there quite well a few years ago but now it's a whole tragedy happening there.

    The actual eruption wasn't that extreme but the problem is that there are a lot of explosions currently going on every day and night and it's highly probable that the "big" eruption will repeat.

    Currently, people in that area have all types of problems, most involving ashes and their crops and cattle as they rely on them and now the ash is causing them to die, leaving those people without any income or food whatsoever except for the contributions people are making. Some of them are very poor so they just can't evacuate.

    There have also been whole areas erased by the volcano and the government is planning on reconstructing and relocating them when the volcano calms down a little more.

    So you can see, finally Mama Tungurahua roared.

    Anyway, one of Ecuador's charms for tourists are the volcanoes and believe it or not, many tourists are now currently visiting cities and towns near the volcano to experience the eruption.

    Tungurahua has been for years a great attraction, especially at night when you can clearly see the sparks and explosions in a bright magmanic red. Definitely Ecuador is a great country to get to know Mother Nature.

    I personally am fascinated with volcanoes, and that's a good thing about the capital as in a clear day you can see a few magnificent volcanoes like: Cotopaxi, Chimborazo (these two are amongst the biggest volcanoes in the world), Ilinizas, Guagua Pichincha, and a few more.

    Now, off-topic, you plan to come here to live? That's cool, I know many people from the US that just come here and stay to live cause they love it, so I hope it all goes well for you too.

    Source(s): Mi bello Ecuador
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    Hi, i'm not from there but was planning on visiting Banos in about 3 weeks. I asked a question here but all i got were idiotic replies.

    If you speak Spanish, check this out:

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    really?? i havent heard of anything so far, it scares me because my mom just flew back to the states this tuesday (yesturday). im from equador but live in the states, and my grandma of 99 years just passed away about a week ago and my mom had to fly back for the event, but so far i havent heard of anything...

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