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Zoe asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

I'd just like to know what border town angela R is in???

angela R - quote - No way.

The minutemen don't represent this country, only a section of it. They came to my border town and were politely asked to leave. Why? Because we didn't need their service. That's right, I live on the border and its quite and peaceful here.

Illegals here don't bother anyone. You never see them on the local news, the only crime committed is done by the locals here and that's not a lot either, we have a low crime rate for a city our size.

Imagine that, a border town that has a low crime rate? How is that possible?

What border town are you refering

I'd just like to know what border town angela R is in why she want indicate it.How about it angela R what border town is nearly crime free and everyone is happy and smiling all day long ?? from( Do you think that some one that insults the Minute-Men, are insulting the integrity of the American spirit? )


Lisa your strange do I have draw you a pic. No minute men are hanging out near the Canada border

Update 2:

How can this be ralated to the K.K.K. viva? Asking about what broder town is safe and crime free isn't the be all end of life.

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    She is a liar, I will tell you, I have lived in two border towns. I don't mind saying where, either. I grew up in the Imperial Valley, right on the borders of Mexico and Arizona. Look up El Centro or Calexico on a California map, that's where I came from. They are saturated with illegals and many are drug runners, gang members, child molesters, etc. I now live in San Diego, I see them trashing and polluting our rivers and creeks. I know that the California govt spends approx $750 MILLION a year to keep violent illegals in prison (it was in the Union Tribune today). Yeah angela R, where are you from?? I am calling you a liar.

    Source(s): Livin' life with the illegals!
  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe it is on the Canadian border. The crime rate up that way is very low.

    Some border towns are so solidly illegal immigrant populated that they might have other reasons for wanting the Minutemen to leave, of course.

    I support the Minutemen and have donated money to two of their campaigns. However, I believe in freedom of speech. I also don't think the Minutemen much care what illegal supporters say about them, to be honest.

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    I didn't see angleas quote but i can atest that if you live on the border and things are as Rosy as you say they are you have a very rare situation. Watch the documentary "Cochise County cries from the border " that's what living on the border is like .Its pure hell!!! and yes the minutemen are the integrity of the American spirit

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    I recall that in high illegal and pro-illegal populations the Minutemen were outnumbered and asked to leave. After which, great celebrations would take place that lawlessness won the day over law and order.

    This only shows that the Minutemen were starting out and needed more members.

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  • Link TV did a special too-"Walk the line" (or Walking the line)-people have to keep guns handy in the kitchen or front room. They welcome the Minutemen.

    I think some who want Amnesty so bad-will not admit to facts-there are plenty. It is silly to not admit them-no mater where your loyalty lies.

    I say face them and work from there. One would only have to look on web and find-there is a lot of violent going on.

    Does this mean all-of course not--but why too many for people to have to put up with-on a regular basis. They deserve protection. And people like your post are part of the problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Shes Full Of S#IT

    Just Like All Them Other LA RAZA Senoritas

    Tryin To Sell The Poor, Helpless, Peaceful Illegal Immigrants

    !!!!!OH NO!!!!!

    Were being invaded by Dishwashers, and Fruitpickers !!!!!

    They Can Try to sell the image

    of the sweet, hard working Mexican people

    someplace else because I Know Better,

    And I Aint Buyin It .

    " Be not intimidated...

    nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties

    by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency.

    These, as they are often used,

    are but three different names for

    hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice."

    --: John Adams

  • Anonymous
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    Maybe because Angela is an illegal?

    This sounds like illegal lingo...ranting like an illegal...the typical illegal temper tantrum with made-up-facts....this actually comes across like she is a little afraid of the minutemen.....Hmmmmm, I ask the question again....is this because she is an illegal?

    Vevi, the majority of incarcerated criminals in border states are illegals who have committed horrific crimes....if we remove illegals, our crime rate would fall and we could empty our jails...what a savings there!

    Honest people have nothing to fear, lawbreakers are the loudest to scream when honest people hold the line.....

  • Sashie
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    I would like to know that too ... I have relatives in a bordertown in Texas, and they dare hardly go out at night ... crime is rampant, and you hear gunfire regularly ... maybe I'll tell them to pack up and move to Angela's peaceful town ... if we could only find out where it is ....:)

  • Anonymous
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    My goodness!! I can't believe it, Its a KKK meeting!!!

    Please tell me that you are not trying to defend our border?

    Please, do us all a favor and take all the rest of your illiterate posse and do something productive, like getting a REAL JOB!!

    If you all really wanted to do help our country, you would implement all of this time and effort toward fighting the real criminals, for example drug dealers, murderers, rapists, etc. Even better you could even try to find missing children, the possibilities are endless!!

    And I assure you that all REASONABLE American's would appreciate this alot more!!

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    Sashie that's anywhere in Texas and It's not the Latino's we are afraid of. I know I live in Texas.

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