What is with Katie Holmes?

She gave up everything about herself. She is no longer Catholic. She had a scientology approved silent birth. It's proven that babies don't remember anything before they are 4 once they get older, who cares if she screams. For god sakes it HURTS. Lets see Tom Cruise squeeze a baby out and then we'll see how well he sticks to silent birth. And the baby is supposed to be secluded while it's a newborn, what if Katie wants her baby with her? Oh well what Tom says goes....OBVIOUSLY!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I totally agree with you! I really liked Katie Holmes on Dawsons Creek and other appearances that she did! As soon as she got tangled up with Tom Cruise she did a drastic change! Now i can not stand to even look at her or Tom - they both just really get on my nerves! I have lost all respect for her because she has let tom be in control of her in any way! its like there is not an 'old' part of Katie left in her! I am so disappointed in her and the way that she let tom just run over her! Its like she has no say so in anything in her life and thats sad!

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    Both Tom & now Katie are members of a dangerous cult called the Church of Scientology.

    They have been changed to fit the cult personality and will lose their own, as Tom has done, and turned into a "total ***".

    Cults use a sophisticated array of social and mind control techniques to first unfreeze their existing personality, change it to what the cult wants and expects, then freezes it again so they have adopted the cult aims & personality. Scientology is considered a cult, and is well documented in books on cults written by experts, as well as numerous true stories from ex-members clearly showing as such.




    http://www.xenutv.com/ - there are some videos on kate and tom here.

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    I totally agree with you! I used to like Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise....the whole thing is ridiculous.

  • I used to love Katie Holmes and this is so sad to see her with Tom Cruz. She said that when she was younger she used to dream of being married to Tom Cruz and I think basically she married him for the dream, becausae she truly loves him, but for the old him not the new him. But I don't think the feeling his mutual. I hope this isn't confusing....

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  • Terisu
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    1 decade ago

    There is no baby anyway! There won't be "appearences" of their new baby until they find one to buy! The whole thing was faked for publicity for that awful movie!

    If Katie ever comes to her senses, Tom will buy her silence, I'm sure.

  • I would never let Tom Cruise even near my baby.

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    1 decade ago

    Tom sounds like a real control freak if you ask me. She looks so miserable in all the pictures I see of her anymore. I think she knows she made a big mistake. I sometimes think Nicole Kidman made the movie "Stepford Wives" to mock him for his controlling behavior.

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    she's just like many women today who give up their whole identity just to be with a man. i think it stems from no self esteem. i for one am so tired of hearing about tom cruise. he thinks he knows everything. i'm not going to ever see any of his movies ever again.

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    Tom Cruise has mental problems.Katies dad should have kicked his *** to the curb.

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    1 decade ago

    katie holmes has been brainwashed by tom cruise. there is no other answer. if you see him, i beg you to run the other way.

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