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What kind of jeans/pants/skirts make your legs look skinnier?

I'm not fat, so don't tell me to "eat better" or lose weight. I DON'T want to lose weight. I have a miniscule waist, my ribs poke out, and if I lost weight I would look freaky. I just want to make my legs look skinnier in comparison to my waist (big hips). What kind of clothing would do this?

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    straight leg pants are the best type of pants to slim down legs. if you don't trust me, trust the experts on "what not to wear" cause they say the same thing. =)

    flare leg pants give you too much of an hour glass shape just in your legs. pants that are "skinny jeans or pencil leg pants" are going to bring out any bulges in your hip or thigh area. and stay away from capri pants! they're cute but since they only cover the largest part of the leg, they draw way more attention to it. you might want to also try pants/jeans that have a slight fade in the front will draw the eye toward the middle of the leg instead of the outer, bigger part.

    with skirts, go for a-line. also, you can wear more prints and brighter colors on top, and solid darker colors on the bottom to bring the eyes upward. on the bottom, avoid pinstripes. any pulling of the fabric near the hips will only accentuate how much bigger your hips are. instead, try diagonal lines. they're unique, fun, and will make you look cute and curvy, instead of bottom-heavy.

    and always remember that the bigger the heel, the better the legs. there's a reason girls wear 4'' heels in beauty pageants!

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    All jeans do something, so you have several options. (: I like flare jeans - i think it balances out your hips. Go for a dark wash, darker jeans make you look longer and skinnier. If you're going to wear skinny jeans, pair them with some heels. I wouldn't suggest jeggings, they cling to everything and show off what you got, so if your insecure you probably won't be happy with those. Hope this helps!

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    An 'A' line skirt always compliments the figure! Especially ones that go a few inches below the knee are the best! They make your calves look great and your waist look smaller. They also make hips work for your figure! I love this type of skirt!

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    Yes, good question. Everyone wants to wear flattering clothing, regardless of body size. I used to think flare or bootleg cut was great for everybody, but I guess if you are short it may not be for you. Check out, she had the "What Not To Wear" lady do a jean workshop, and she had all kinds of tips for different shapes and sizes.

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    An A-lined skirt. It will make your waist look small because it's fitted at the top them flares out by your knees.

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    try cigarette jeans (really skinny)

    do not wear boot-cut

    and go for heels! height makes people look skinny (think of every supermodel. ever.)

    or you could go the other way and try wide pants

    skirts: length is important! go for a skirt that ends right above the knees, making your calves look skinnier

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    I would suggest the kind where you go do leg exercises and then they all make you look skinnier.

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    Dark blue (not faded) boot cuts are awesome. Also, you don't want them to be too tight if you're trying to make you're hips look smaller.... Also, you could try wearing heels with your jeans, it will enlongate you're legs...

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    u cud wear cargos or hipsters so that u'r legs wud look skinnier. a sexy top would be the icing on the cake

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    mini skirts make you legs look longer and more in shape and maybe skinnier

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