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WHo are the most clever nation in the world and why? plz mention your location?

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    Well clever doesn't necessarily mean smart. Clever is more like witty and conniving combined. Clever means you can figure out trick ways around things or trick ways to get it done.

    So, I'd say Russia because Putin has been extremely 'clever' at sitting back and letting Bush hang himself while he remained calm, quiet and collected. Now, they are saying Putin is getting ready to step up as the new leader of free markets and take the place of the world's speaker... replace the USA president's role in the world.

    I'm in the USA. Born and raised here.

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    Israel without a doubt. They are the smallest nation and have defeated every country that has attacked them, sometimes more than one country at a time. They are not really clever, they are just God's chosen people and he will ensure that they win every war they have to engage. Watch and see! I am an American.

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    There is a controversial research that showed developed Asians have the best IQ (Hong Kong, Taiwan).

    I'm Hungarian

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    Israel is. They are using the war on terror as a pretext to annex more land, resources like water in the Mid-East. I am from India.

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    Japan, look at their technology! or just watch power rangers,ever seen all the zords fighting the monsters footage? it came from Japan

    Source(s): I'm from Singapore
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    People in Japan are pretty smart! Look at all the technology!

    I'm from Ireland...

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    I am a U.S. resident and I think Ireland has produced the cleverest individuals. (I am not of Irish descent.)

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    arabs are.., look to the contributions of them at the past and now.

    i am from the middle east

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