Lebanon or Israel?

Who do you think your community supports , Lebanon or Israel?

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    well i can see the many people here support israel. i support peace and peace here means that if two soldiers are kinapped by a group of people who are terrorists and who the people of lebanon themselves condemn, then israelis have no right at all to kill civillians, children and mothers as a result. i really can't see why some people tend to just believe their media without even thinking about what is being said. Israel is hated in the region for a reason. the most important of them is that it was never and still is not THEIR land, they took the land from palastenians and kept immigrating to it and enlarging their piece of land day by day. what is happening in palastine is not terrorism, they are people defending their own land, their own property. unlike israel which is killing them and using weapons against them to take THEIR OWN LAND away from them and they are condemned and called terrorists if they try and defend themselves... i do support lebanon and every country that has the right to defend itself against external threats. i do not support terrorism in any way. i support people who are defending themselves for a certain cause. all they did was take 2 soldiers as hostages - which i don't say is right - but at least they were not civillians and the reponse should not be by killing hundreds of civillians and destroying a whole country. and then the world condemns lebanon for kidnaping to people but say israel was defending itself by killing all those people and destroying a whole country.. how ironic???

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    My community supports Lebanon. That is not to be confused with supporting Hezbollah which my community does not do. For the most part we are in agreement with France and Russia who stated that Isreal's actions are disproportionate to the situation.

    The world still feels guilty for WWII and as a result, for the most part, it always sympathizes with Isreal. And I'm not saying there is no reason to sympathize....however, for a nation and a people who were so persecuted and who suffered unmentionable cruelties, they should be the last to impose the same on the innocent civillians of Lebanon.

    But it comes to a point where we have to ask the question...what is behind it all? Because whether we are talking about terrorists, or law abiding citizens...Muslims or Catholics...Sunis or Shiites...moderates or radicals...the Arab people as a whole are upset at U.S. backed Isreal. It makes you wonder if there are things that we are not privy to knowing; makes you wonder how much involvments or conspiracies are taking place that are unknown to us.

    It is very sad though. These are all the same people...all brothers and cousins. That entire region could be a huge, power-force to be reckoned with if they would implement properly functioning societies and worked together, all as Arabs, to help the Mid East flourish to its potential. It has the resources to do so. Again, you have to wonder if the discord in the mideast is caused on purpose by conspirators working for world governments from fears that should the Arab countries unite, they would become a huge superpower controlling most of the world's oil.

    ....therefore having Bush and his allies by the b*lls.

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    How would you feel if you were a country the size of New Jersey - filled with Holocaust survivors, and sourrounded by other countries that ALL want to see you dead?

    Iran wants Irael destroyed. Syria wants Israel destroyed. Hammas, Hezbollah, Al Queda, Islamic Jihad, and countless others want israel destroyed.

    Have you ever seen a people with so many enemies?

    It would be like all the states in the USA wanting to wipe NJ off the map.

    OK, Israel is a little sensitve. Maybe they are over reacting a bit. But wouldnt you overreact in their shoes?

    I mean, they gave up Gaza to help bring peace between them and Palestine - and what happens? Palestine votes HAMAS into power!!!

    Hamas has been a main leader of terror attacks and suicide bombings in Israel for years.

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    I've asked numerous people in my community from every walk of life since first reading a similar question on another website and the result is the same:

    Nobody gives a ****.

    To tell you the truth, I don't either. Both of these countries are responsible for misery, pain, suffering and death all over the world and the world could do without them. While I would never advocate war against these people without just cause I am all for allowing them to kill each other. It's none of our concern if they decide to blow each other off the face of the earth and should they eventually be allowed to do so, it would only raise our standard of living.

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    4 years ago

    Hmm... modern-day background ring any bells? because of the fact did no longer they do exactly that some years in the past? besides, i'm purely a touch cynical whilst the only source quoted source for the form and numbers of those 'long variety' missiles (considering the undeniable fact that may not long variety, it is medium) is an IDF Brigadier well-known. it is in his pastime to construct up the probability. That way whilst Hezbollah lob missiles into Israel (which they certainly will) he's already well-known the mandate for rolling each of how as much as Beirut. And apparently they could could desire to invade with the aid of UN gadgets; i ask your self how that could circulate down with Israel's regularly occurring allies?

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    1 decade ago

    Israel and Lebanon both. I think that this issue could be resolved much more easily if both sides would put down their guns and bullets.

    We need a nonviolent solution. We have seen all the violence that we can stand.

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    1 decade ago

    Lebanon for sure, I noticed that many people cannot tell the difference between Lebanon and Hezbollah.

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    Because of where I live most think anything that Israel does is always wrong.

    When I try to bring up the way the PLO,Syria,Hamas, and Hezbollah have and are continuing to kill ALL Jews they say I must be smoking some funny weed.

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    Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?

    Yes 45% 340049 votes

    No 55% 409554 votes

    Total: 749603 votes


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    love and support Israel

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