Is edible underwear FDA approved?

Sometimes the silliest thoughts come to me while I am in the shower. (And no, I do not wear and have not worn edible undies, and I have no desire to either. It's so perverse.) Some slutty girls at work were talking about edible undies and I just wondered if it is FDA approved.


Jennifer B and Sol, you are funny. You made me laugh. : )

Update 2:

Alex, double cheeseburgers can clog your arteries and the other thing can give you a disease and/or get your wallet stolen. So maybe go with a salad next time. Ha! You are funny, too.

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    Yeah the fruit roll idea was good (sounds like someone actually has tried that). Just check the package. They have to aproved somehow if it is edible. Can you just see the guys and gals back in the FDA lab doing tests on the edible underwear. And exactly what did the lab rats do when subjected to them? You have opened a whole world of questions. I suggest listening to music in the shower and singing to take your mind off the important issues out there. :)

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    Its being compared to a fruit roll up- so i guess it has to be. I couldnt find anything on the net tho :(

    Edible underwear

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    Edible underwear is a form of undergarment that are formed of an edible material which can be consumed by the partner during foreplay. In this case, pleasure is heightened by undressing the partner with the mouth. However, this sort of underwear is often given as a gag to friends, or rather pairs.

    There is edible underwear for men as well as for women. It is frequently manufactured of gelatin, which has added flavoring and food coloring. The material is often described as similar to a fruit snack. Furthermore, some underwear are created with sugar beads, and resemble strings of a candy necklace. The form of edible underwear is not so different from that of more conventional sexy underwear. Edible underwear comes in a range of sizes and flavors.

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    No need for it to be. Its not intended to cure any disease.

    Just like the FDA doesnt aprove a cake. However if edible underwear someday is proven harmfull they may make a reccomendation to add a warning label.... Can just see edible underwear a sticker right on the backside of it... "Warning eating this might be hazardous to your health."

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    Seriously take a couple of fruit roll-ups and fashion your own edible undies at least they taste better than the edible undies you buy and they are way cheaper too!

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    I don't know, nor do I care. My thoughts on this: food and sex are two things that can't be mixed enough. I mean, why not be able to have sex and enjoy a double cheeseburger at the same time? Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Hungry for what? Take your guess......

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    to be sold it the usa it has to be. this does not really make it safe. look at splenda. studies were shown that it gives rats cancer. but it was still fda approved.

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    You know we are still waiting for a response from them about that.....everytime it comes up to test them, the underware come up missing........go figure!! ;0)

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    Well, it will not be sold in the market if it was not FDA approved. :)

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    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that. I have no idea if they are or not. I'm not really into food and sex.

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    who cares just get er done

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