hard to keep up with the midwestern seasonal changes?

i moved to the midwest 2 years back, and lovin it we reside in the state of missouri what i want to know is i have heard that the the seasons here are odd u have to change ur style ( meanin clothing often to keep up with the seasonal changes in the midwest cuz the weather is so unpredictable? if so can someone preferbly that stays in midwest help me to undertsand what it means?? is the midwestern weather that diverse???

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    It just means that whatever the season is, the weather isn't going to match. For instance: in winter, it's not real cold, if it does snow, the snow isn't going to last but a few days--a week at the most. In fall, it's super cold and it rains a lot. In the summer, it is blazing hot, but every once in a while it'll be cold.

    However, that's how the weather was in the southern part of MO. I was from the part nicknamed "the Bootheel" and the weather was really unpredictable, but maybe in the northern part it's not that way.

  • Well, here in wisconsin we now have come to expect snow in the morninig and 94 degrees in the afternoon. So all we can do is look out the window and use the best judgement we have. 1 thing is for dam sure the wheather men in this area dont have a clue. they dont even look out the window when they tell you the current wheather, so were pretty much on or own. Just get ready for anything it could happen. and has.

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    For missouri, I'm not positive, however, I'm a bit north in Indiana, and yes, you need to change your clothes with the season. . . shorts and tanks for summer, jeans and tees for fall, shorts and sweatshirts for springs, and five layers for winter..... It's crazy. but yeah, the weather does change a lot in the midwest

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    What it means, it being comfortable with the temperature day to day. Have layers. Add on jumpers, cardigans, extra t-shirts if its cold. Flaunt it if its not cold. Just have a range of wear in your wardrobe so you can cope day to day.

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