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Is sleep at waste of time???

sometimes i feel like when i sleep i am always missing out on something, like there is so much more i could be doing.

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    Oscar Wilde said "Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them".

    Personally, I love a good kip, no more than 7 hours though.

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    Try living without sleep for a while - force yourself awake. Your body will soon explain to you why it's not a waste of time.

    If you get enough rest it allows you to function more effectively during the day, so technically whatever you are doing will be done better. Quality not quantity, I say.

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    Why do we need sleep?

    Sleep helps the body restore and rejuvenate in many different ways including:

    Memory, Learning and Social Processes – Sleep enables the brain to encode new information and store it properly. REM sleep activates the parts of the brain that control learning. The parts of the brain that control emotions, decision-making and social interactions slow down dramatically during sleep, allowing optimal performance when awake.

    Nervous System – Some sleep experts suggest that neurons used during the day repair themselves during sleep. When we experience sleep deprivation, neurons become unable to perform effectively and the nervous system is impaired.

    Immune System – Similarly, sleep also enables the immune system to function effectively. During deep sleep, the body’s cells increase production while proteins break down at a slower rate. Without proper sleep, the immune system becomes weak and the body becomes more vulnerable to infection and disease.

    Growth and Development – Children need much more sleep than adults. Growth hormones are released during sleep, so sleep is vital to proper physical and mental development. The effects (positive and negative) of sleep for babies and children are magnified. Tired children are often cranky, fussy and become easily frustrated and difficult. It is often easier for adults to interpret and remedy the effects of tiredness in children than for them to listen to their body’s own signals for more rest.

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    of course not.. it's an essential body need, just don't sleep much an adult range from 6-8 hours a day.. in fact, if u don't have a good sleep, u would be misoriented & u would miss alot !

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    Do you know the saying ' no rest for the wicked' , I think from answers here that sleep is needed to stay a good and sane person.

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    Hey... I got the answer... stay awake instead and just sleep in your spare like at night after midnight when nothing much is happening and most other people are asleep as well...

    ... what do you mean thats what you do already...?

  • no way, sleep is good 4 ur body, people r made 2 rest

    sure ur probabaly missing something, but u'll always b missing something cause u cant b everywhere

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    you need sleep, your body needs sleep, and you sound like you might need to talk to someone about those feelings. Could be the begining of some type of "obssessive disorder"

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    sleep iz not a waste of time 2 me cuz i luv 2 sleep.

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    No. Sleep mode is a "Low potential" intake. It does not take as plenty potential as while the pc is on. even nonetheless, It does consume way much less potential than if the pc have been on certainly.

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