What is the history of the Yahoo! Answers Hamster?

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    To add to MonkeyMini's great answer, when YA had just started, last December, they did not have their current "smilie" logo. The avatar they used in their blog and here at YA during those first Beta days was a photograph of a Hamster, who was adopted as mascot and began to be known as the Karate Hamster, Ninja Hamster, Kung Fu Hamster, or Yamster (and extensively, the members of the YA Team are also the YAmsTers). This was a real toy that sings and dances or something like that.

    The original Yamster:


    In those "old days" the users were relatively few, and we sort of knew each other. The Hamster was widely commented at the YAT blog and the forum.

    The competition mascot, Frank the Frankfurter, was the creation of one of those first users, cblrdy. Cblrdy took all the opportunities he could to publicize Frank (with the aid of other users who used to add the "Vote for Frank!" phrase to their answers):



    Unfortunately, the poor sausage died an untimely death at the hands of a dog (LOL).

    Here's the original Frank Saga, by cblrdy:


    Meanwhile, our beloved original Karate Hamster was thriving, until one unfortunate day when some forgotten user asked about the insignificant issue of the mascot's copyright. Shortly afterwards, the original Yamster was spirited away and the green smilies appeared. The Team members told us that it was time to acquire a more "professional" avatar, as they were progressing toward the end of the beta phase.

    Some time later, the new, Yahoo-copyrighted, cartoon Yamster made its debut.

    This new, stylized version has different attires and expressions (such as the Oops! Yamster that appeared during the huge YA downtime event). Another YA user, Liz, made additional versions of the Yamster (such as the punk yamster, the glam yamster, etc). Although the original forum thread seems to have been deleted :-( and Liz hasn't been around for a while, these are her Yamster versions:


    I'm sure more of the "veterans" will have stories to share :-)

    It's been nice *sigh*... but I feel old now :-P

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    Wow, the Y!Aster has a huge history, and I don't know if i can tell the full story cos I wasn't around for the most part. I'll try though.

    The Answers mascot was a kung fu hamster, nicknamed Y!Amster. One day someone asked if the Y!Amster was copyrighted (I'm not sure but I think it was a stolen pic from the web), soon after this comment the Y!Amster disappeared, and recently made a return as the Y!Amster you see now. There's a bit more to the story though, something about a frankfurter named Frank who campaigned for votes, I'm not sure if he was campaigning to be the next mascot or not, but he was involved! I'll try and find out the rest for you.

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    Hamster History

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