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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

have a dell comp. please tell me how to print address lables, it just prints 1 at a time?

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    In MS Word:

    Click Tools, Letters and Mailings, Mail Merge Wizard... The task pane will open on the RHS of your screen. This is the first of 6 steps/panes.

    Click the radio button for Labels. At the bottom of the pane click Next: Starting document.

    In the next pane, click 'Label options...' and choose the exact one. Click Next: Select recipients.

    Now, do you have an existing list, or an Access database with the data (that you can browse to), an Outlook Contact list, or do you want to type in the list now (here you must click the Create button and enter each one [recipient])?

    When the Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box opens, make sure that all of the names that you want to appear on the labels are checked along the LHS of this list.


    Click Next: Arrange your labels

    Is there an address block or are you entering each item (merge field)? If so, click More items.. and (in the Insert Merge Field dialogue box) select the first item, click the Insert button (at the bottom of the dialogue box) and the Cancel button to the right of this will change and say Close--click this Close button. Be sure to hit the space bar one time before entering the nwxt merge field (or the text on your labels will run together). Repaet this process for the next merge field, and so on.

    Now click the 'Upgade all labels' button.

    Click Next: Preview your labels

    Here you can click the forward and back symbols to the right and left of Recipients to see each name.

    Everything OK?

    Click Next: Complete the merge

    Click Print... and the Merge to Printer dialogue box opens. Click the All button and click OK. The Print dialogue box will open. Click OK.

    That should do it!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need avia lable system for microsoft word, I think there is a free download but don't know address

    anyway if you need any help contact me bellow

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