Should i buy a jeep wrangler with a soft top or a hard top.?

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    1 decade ago
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    Soft tops are loud on the highway, drafty in the winter, and the plastic windows are prone to haziness due to scratches. They are, however, very easy to remove, once you get the hang of it and you have more options (like rolling up the back window, removing the side windows and doors, purchasing aftermarket accessories like bikini tops to switch out the full soft top.) Another downside is you have to unzip your window at a drive-thru, instead of just rolling it down - although they do make aftermarket slider windows, I don't like the look of them. But to me, Jeeps are about freedom and fun. And the soft-top just screams freedom and fun!

    Hard tops are warmer and quieter, but you need help to remove one. Alot of people are just "hard top people". But not me!

    All that being said, personally I think Wranglers look best with soft tops!


    The newer soft tops are much more durable than they used to be. They fasten mostly with velcro and zippers. If you get a jeep, subscribe to some good accessories catalogs like JC Whitney. Aftermarket replacement tops are surprisingly inexpensive (in my opinion), but if you take care of your original top, it should last you years! The best advice on a soft top I can give is to remove and replace the top only when it has been sitting in the sun and is warm to the touch. Cold plastic scratches easily and is prone to cracks.

    Safety isn't really much of an issue here. A hard top isn't going to protect you much more than a soft top, except maybe in the security department. Chances are it will just disintigrate in a roll-over accident. Their are risks with any short wheel-based SUV. Drive safe, don't make sudden sharp turns and you'll be fine.

    Source(s): Been a Jeep girl for 15 years, owned several. Have fun!!!
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    Hard top. Not only does it keep out the rain, wind, less chance of being stolen, safer, but a soft top with get weatherd and you will have to replace it. Also, if you plan on taking it off sometimes, those snapes break easily. Oh, and another thing. God for bid you live in Arizona, you'll never get the AC to work well. Don't you know that Jeeps are dangerous in general!!

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    hard top

    soft tops a cheap

    hard ar expensive

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    When buying new, get the hard top. Add the soft top later. They are available from a variety of sources.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy it with a hard top. Because later on you can buy a soft top for WAY less than the cost of a hard top. Trust me!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I would buy a soft top, but I hear the hard tops are better. But that's a risk I would be willing to take.

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    1 decade ago

    do you go 4 wheeling in the forest where tree limbs might rip your soft top? do you anticipate thieves cutting into your softtop? a hard top will decrease mileage a bit..and more of a pain to remove than a soft top..the hard top is more durable over time and the elements. this is an age-old question in 4x4s. like the chicken or the egg....hard top or soft top.

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    Hard top, You can always buy a soft top for it later, and it will be cheaper to buy than a hard top. Just my suggestion.

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    Hard top - safer, warmer, drier, quieter, can't be slashed with a knife, can't rip, doesn't age, cheaper on the insurance.

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    soft top because it's easier to store and in my opinion, it looks better.

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