Columbus, Ohio?

thinking of relocating.. so tell me, what's Columbus, Ohio really like? How bad are the winters? I haven't seen snow in 30 years.

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    I'm orginally from Columbus Ohio I lived in there for 18 years and 6 years in Dayton. I moved to Altanta 8 years ago to get away from the snow.Typically the winters were rough there and it was cold and frigid from September to about mid April. Ohio and anywhere up north is going to be cold, that's just how it is.

    But if you are looking for a city that is progressing and moving forward, then Columbus is where you should go. It's a growing city and it has lots of financial potential. There are alot of major companies that are moving there now. But if you are looking for NO snow and mild winters, you need to move south.

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    I live a half hour outside of Columbus! The city is pretty good, almost always can find something interesting to do & a good place to eat. Winters are moderate I'd say-- nothing like New England or Wisconsin. You'll probably get snow whether it be a dusting or several inches. It'll be cold though, so be sure to invest in a good winter coat & some sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies. Oh & be ready for all those Buckeye fans, they'll be everywhere! (Seriously, go to a random street corner, yell O-H real loud & somebody will yell back I-O!)

    Source(s): Living in Central Ohio my whole life!
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    Youngstown, Oh here, not to far from Columbus and my nephew moved there last winter! It is cold for 8 months out of a year up here! Snows for like 5 months at least! I hate it! But I am from Louisiana, so even the summers suck! It doesn't get hot enough for me! People freak out if it gets to 90 degrees. I guess the best thing to do is visit the area first during a snowy month, like Feb.

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    I live in canton, ohio. we get snow 5-7 times a winter and there is lots of wind and frost.

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  • 1 decade ago

    columbus aint all that bad to tell you the truth...used to live there a few years ago...theres a lot to do around there... the snow aint usually all that bad

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