Is cancer the wolf packs in the body of mammals?

Indians and some scientific people believe that wolves actually work to make some animal herds healthy. Generally, wolves take out the old, the sick, and the injured (and at times the young). In other words, those animals that generally will not produce are taken out by wolves. This allows more food for the healthier animals and gives them a greater chance of survival. For a species to survive, one mechanism is to get the sick, the injured and the old out of the food chain as quickly as possible.

The human body does not waste energy. Cancer is in mammals for a reason. Cancer is a self-destruct system whose sole purpose is to eliminate its host. Possibly cancer in mammals and birds is a way to eliminate an animal that is not likely to reproduce. The quicker a sick, injured or older mammal is eliminated the greater chance for that species to survive.

Cancer may be a survival mechanism for higher forms of life. Sharks don't get cancer and are a more primitive form of life.

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    Actually, Sharks DO get cancer.

    Yes, disease plays a role in "balancing" life. I think of cancer more like rabbits without predators than wolves - because it's the body's own cells doing a unrestrained multiplying.

    Maybe it's also a hint that we're putting too much crap into our environment, and we eat and breathe man-made toxins and this is the price we're paying for our disrespect for the planet.

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    I would be more likely to use cancer as an argument for nature's population control. As we find newer ways to live longer, we are increasing the number of people that are using resources. This is not infinitely sustainable to keep people alive for so much longer without a massive increase in resources. Nature is keeping the balance with drug resistant deseases and other deadly diseases that are prevalent in humans but not other species.

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    1 decade ago

    You are an imbecile. If that was really the case, you would have succumbed to brain cancer a long, long time ago.

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