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Spiders... Help!?

My husband and I live in an apartment building with a spider problem. We've complained about it before and they have sent someone to spray... it doesn't help. Does anyone have some anti-spider tips that we can do ourselves?

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    If you have a spider problem, chances are it's really because you have a bug problem. Spiders are only going to be prevalent where there's a lot of food for them to eat. Spiders eat insects, like flies and other little bugs, and if you have lots of spiders you probably have lots of flies.

    My answer would be to find the source of the problem. Not sure what your set up is, but maybe the garbage pails are kept near your windows or front door or something, which attracts bugs, and therefore attracts spiders.

    Maybe there's a lot of stale water sitting around near your home, which are breeding grounds for mosquitos and other little flies; get rid of that, and again you'll cut down on the food source for spiders.

    Close up any small holes or gaps in your house/apartment that enables little bugs to get in, and chances are the spider population will dwindle.

    In general, spiders are not harmful to humans (unless they happen to be one of the few poisonous species) and it's not terrible to have a couple of them around, specifically because they help clean up the insect population. (But understandably, too much of anything is never really good.)

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    Go to a florist & buy some fresh Eucalyptus.

    They come as a long sort of branch of green leaves. It has a pleasant smell to us but the little 8 legs critters hate it !

    We had them bad in the basement & after doing this a few times only have seen one now & then in the spring.

    Good luck ! I am a spider hater myself !

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    I use those little Sonic type pest units. They plug into the wall and make a sonic noise which chases away the bugs. THe spiders are not COMPLETELY gone, but much less than we used to have.

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    keep on spraying

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