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If George Bush, Saddam Hussain, Bin Laden and Tony Blair fought in a SUMO wrestling tournament, who'd win?

Assuming its a round-robin format, with each of the contestant playing the other once and the top 1 vs top 4, top 2 vs top 3 semifinals? Just curious..... :) Please rank them 1 to 4.....

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    Isn't sumo that Japanese fight between 2 extremely obese men?

    If it is, it would be hard to answer it because none of them are even fat...Anyway, by the bodie structure I think Bush would be the biggest looser, than maybe Saddan Hussain because he has be beatten in the jail so I think he wouldn't resist a fight, Tony Blair is too handsome and elegant to get into a fight, therefore if he gets into one, I think he would loose because he must have none experience on it but still he would be able to fight better than Bush and Hussain. The winner of all on my opinion must be Bin Laden because he has lived for while in the desert, running from on side to another, he must be more resistent than all of others in a fight because of his resistence.

    Positions by winners:

    1- Bin Laden

    2- Tony Blair

    3- Saddam Hussain

    4- George Bush

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    I think:

    1> Saddam

    2> Blair

    3> Bush

    4> Laden

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    I reckon Bush wouldn't even be able to find the tournament, he'd get lost... and end up in Iraq instead of Afghanistan. Bin Laden's ill so he'd definitely get beaten, and Hussain wuld be tougher than Blair so:-

    1. Hussain#

    2. Blair

    3. Bin Laden

    4. Bush.

  • TheHza
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    4)Bin Laden

    Based off of center of gravity vs. weight. Bin Laden would be out immediately as he's tall and skinny. Absolutely what you don't want in a sumo fight. Saddam looks like he has the highest wt to ht ratio. Fallowed by George. Tony's skinny but not real tall, but he is kinda thin.

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  • Brian
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    1 decade ago

    I think Saddam would win....he's the bulkiest of the four listed. Osama would finish dead last...he's too tall. Any of those three could go low, and take him out.

    Tony Blair has a chance at second....he looks like a scrappy British chap.

  • cohan
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    4 years ago

    i'd say George Bush may win. for the reason that he wears silver-tipped cowboy boots, his major bypass may be to kick Blair interior the gonads. What guns? He'd be on the floor in affliction and defeat.

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    here is what I suspect would happen:

    1 -- George Bush

    2 -- Saddam Hussein

    3 -- Tony Blair

    4 -- Osama bin Laden

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    The winner would be thr 1 that paid the ref the most money.Same as most all sports nowdays.

    Source(s): Truth and nuttin but the truth
  • Dont know about none of that...but what i DO know is that i would roll up a HUGE blunt,make 'em all smoke some of that wicked ganja,get em REAL high and then....well,there'd be NO tournament...they'd be all kissy kissy-huggy huggy...

    Ahhh...wouldnt that be so freakin amazing?! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no time to rank them but bush will win.... his head is so big, it would be like a bobble head action and just whack the others with it.......

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