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Lebnon vs. Israel?

Who do you think would win? Israel or Lebanon?

Can you tell me the advantages of each, their weapon systems and their allies.

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    Israel has nuclear weapons and the support of the USA.

    Lebanon has neither.

    Should be a close-run thing...

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    In total war Israel will win because they have the USA behind them and probably have nuclear missiles. Lebanon only has Iran which is just a nuclear wannabe. However, if Iran gets pulled into it the USA might be forced to talk if oil is used as threat. Wars use a huge amount of fuel. I don't think any of this will happen however, It will just be Israel against Lebanon. Israel with it's high tech military with destroy everything of value in Lebanon while the Lebanese will continue to fire missiles at Israel until they run out of them at which point the war will be over.

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    its amazing to see how many ignorant pro-israeli's there are out there.who was stronger america or vietnem? america or iraq? america or OBL. and the list goes on. This kind of war is not about armaments its about patience and attrition. and furthermore the people of lebanon have not attacked israel. it was an extremist faction within lebanon called Hizbollah and now all of lebbanon are paying the price. We really need to take a step back and start asking serious questions about the wholw situation. whether or not israel has a right to exist is a moot point because although i would argue that it didn't have that right to start with we are now in a situation where they do exist with second and even 3rd generation israelis so we just have to live with it. there are serious questions about the millions who used to live in israel and who are to this day living in refugee camps. and the common israeili response to this problem is "let them goto one of the neighbouring arab countries". My only response is that this is terrorism who are u to decide where these ppl must go after forcibly removing them from their land.

    Israel must exist Lebbanon must exist and palestine must exist. and aside from right wing israeli propoganda i think its possible as i have many friends from all sides of the divide. we need to get rid of all the old-school generals/leaders and replace them with young educated liberal leaders. Maybe we can even hope that one day will have 3 nations without borders.

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    Lebanon has a large group of Christians and believes in Jesus.

    Israel does not believe in Jesus.

    Therefore, Israel vs. GOD

    Israel LOSES!

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    Israel: Nuclear weapons, warplanes, warships, largest army in the middle east and the newest!

    Lebanon: Some rockets with hizbollah (if u call that an advantage!)

    Source(s): i am lebanese so i know!
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    Israel will annihilate every country in the Middle East with weapons systems from the West.

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    It's not just Lebanon vs. Israel.

    It's Lebanon/Syria/Iran vs. Israel.

    AND the Palestinian Authority/Hamas vs. Israel

    Arabs are waging war on Israel on several fronts and by several methods.

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    i don't know who is gonna win but i will tell u ppl one thing i am neither a muslim nor a christian nor a jew so as a third party

    i would say

    "i was talking to on christian lady she explained that jews gonna start gathering at on place and loose a final battle because they r cursed" not sure maybe somebody can same thing is written in muslim's quran. so u can very well imagine whose fate is already written. with this war it is just little .My country india has same problems and trust me 56 yrs 2 wars still didnot stop them to do what they r doing .this is nothing.the only thing i feel sorry is civilians on both sides and new breed of hatred against eachother,which will lead future wars.i think ppl who r here should pray for world peace and give a sense of direction towards both jews and muslims.

    just for a joke- i want to live long don't want to die in world war 3

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    In my opinion as a chief justice i just want to tell that America is supporting Israel so that to get power over arabs Americans not but buush is born from pig and her mum is mad ***** so he is the great terrorist in the world .Do u know how much innocent has been killed by him .Was there war any place in the world when bush was not president ? no no no but the great enemy of the mankind on the earth is bush George bush wil won this Baazi but one day all the america will be responsible for this and they have to taste the result


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    Ok so israel have really good strong power weapons, bombs..etc supplied to them by....Guess who! Lebanon have Hezbolla, who lets face it people haven't got any hope in beating Israel, since all they have is a couple of Rockets....

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