Amazing facts about Jesus the Christ. What do you think?

Ok First of all I do not want to argue about whether He once lived or not.History concludes that He indeed once lived. (Read the answer I got for my question about A.D. & B.C.)

Amazing facts:

1.The name "Jesus" was a common name around Israel at the time He was around, but for some reason, this particular Jesus(the Christ) stood out of the rest of the other people who were called "Jesus".

2. During those times "cruxifiction" was one of the popular way of killing people.In fact it was as common as being shot with gun is in our day.So IF THERE WAS NOTHING POWERFUL ABOUT THIS JESUS, WHY PARTICULARLY HIS DEATH MADE SUCH A STIR IN HISTORY? Let's admit it, His death was remarkable that celebrating it has been kept for 100's of years.

3.Many religions believe in the existence of an Anti-God "Satan", especially Muslims!But amazingly,real Satanists do not curse the Qoran, BUT THE BIBLE & Jesus !They burn it in their rituals.They don't waste time fighting Muslims & other religions.

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    Yep! And as Jessee Duplantis(very funny evangelist) says, when things go wrong in airplanes he never hears Allah! or Budah save me! Everybody is crying out: Jesus!

    And nobody uses other gods in cussing, only Jesus.Why is this? hmmm

    (Just thought I'll throw that one)

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    Is there a question here?

    I think you should rephrase please!

    His death made such a stir because He was God's son and if you ever get some time to read the bible you will see that the Temple of Jerusalem tore in half and there was a earthquake on the moment Jesus took His last breath. Also... The bible states that the sun disappeared and that there was darkness all over the earth for about three hours?

    Significant enough?

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    Sorry but those were not really 'amazing facts about Jesus.' The third 'fact' was not even about Jesus it was about Satanists.

    As to points one and two no one is disputing that Jesus was a common name and that a guy called Jesus was crucified. But simply because this guy was a notorious preacher who got killed does not prove he is the son of God or God as man, or whatever.

    If you take the cult of Scientology it was founded by a science fiction writer who actually told people that starting a religion was a great way to make money. He wrote a bunch of fictional books that are now considered true by his followers. People think the founder of Scientology was some kind of prophet and basically worship him and his teachings even after his death.

    Then there is the cult of Mormonism, founded by some crazy guy that believed in magic stones that could help him find buried treasure. He ended up getting arrested for being such a freak, conman and thief. Yet today there are millions of people who are members of his cult.

    So just because a preacher is memorable and people follow him does not make everything they taught true.

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    Okay, let's take your questions one at a time, shall we?

    1. His name was Yeshua, not Jesus. There were many people named Yeshua at that time. In fact, he was crucified near a man called Yeshua and when the Romans said that they would allow one prisoner to be released for Passover, they had to ask which Yeshua did the people in the crowd mean.

    2. Crucifixion was not the most popular way of killing people back in those days. The Romans were smarter than that. They needed the Jews under their yoke to keep the economy running, so killing them all would be bad for business.

    The most common major punishment, besides being whipped in the street, was a simple crucifixion, which meant being tied to a wooden stump or cross and stuck up along the side of the road so that everyone who passed could see you. They would leave you hanging in the hot sun for a few hours and then cut you down, knowing full well that you weren't going to do that again.

    But Yeshua bin-Joseph (Jesus, son of Joseph...) was special. How special? Well, it seems that this Yeshua wasn't tied to the cross, he got nailed up there- meaning that the Romans had no intention at all of cutting him down. Not only that but he wasn't just put along the side of the road like another revolutionary like Spartacus. No, this man was put on the top of a hill overlooking all of Jerusalem.

    Wow, you say. What could have been this man's major crime?

    It was sedition, treason and inciting revolution. Yeshua and his band stormed the walls of the Temple of Jerusalem, thinking that the people would rise up and overthrow the Roman occupation just in time for Passover.

    Wrong answer.

    Yeshua and his followers got nailed up and left to die. Pilate wasn't going to allow that, now was he?

    3. The only reason you believe that Satanists don't burn the Qu'ran is because you don't live in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. See, in America, doing that is considered free speech. In Saudi Arabia, they just cut your head off for it. No questions asked. If that ain't a deterrent, I don't know what is.

    Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail. It is insightful.

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    Crucifixion wasn't as popular as you say... it was maybe as popular as hangings were a couple hundred years ago. Think about what you said... guns? Thousands upon thousands of people die every year from guns, there's no way they crucified that many people back then.

    What does the third point even have to do with Jesus? It seems to have more to do with the Christians who were around when Satanism was founded. Did it even occur to you that in many Muslim countries to curse the Koran is a capital offense and would get you killed?

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    Very Interesting

    Indeed the Old Testament prophecies, which its agreed were made 100's of years before Jesus Christ walked the Earth in human form, came true in Him.

    Praise God!!


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    Just addressing number two (and quite frankly everything you wrote is number two ;). Jesus' death was remarkable because of what happened after the crucifixion, therefore, the popularity of that form of death is completely irrelevant.

    But the aftermath of the crucifixion could just as well have been attributed to stress. I mean, here are the disciples, they're outcasts, a real bunch of losers, a minority on the verge of becoming extinct, not to mention that they just lost their leader and friend. And mind you, this isn't just any friend, this is Jesus Chist.

    Can we really rule out localized mass hysteria? Moldy rye bread?

    Occam's razor, my friends.

  • Mesum
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    Who exactly are the "real satanists"?

    Could it be the reason why they curse Bible and Chiristians than others is becuase Christians are always trying to force them to "accept Jesus as your savior"? and the see the corruptions in Bible?

    By the way, Satan is also god in Bible:

    In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. (2 Cor 4:4)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wish you had read all of the answers to your referenced question. Instead you made a choice to believe only yourself.

    And Satan as you so aptly point out is a peculiarly Christian God, and the Satanist are a Peculiar Christian Cult

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope Dollar!! He shoots!! He scores!!

    The crowd goes wild!!

    Unfortunately, the opposing team is not ready to admit defeat.

    Nor will they, I'm afraid, until the final whistle.

    But, Hope, I'm in the cheering section! You keep on fighting the good fight, and don't you ever let anyone discourage you. If only one member of the opposing team is convinced even to think about your words, you have scored a victory for our Coach!

    Source(s): Think about it.
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    None of these facts are amazing...lemme break the news ... all these are boring !

    & what DO YOUmean by your last lines that the onlky true religion is christianity ...bullshit...even if there is a GOD ..he is too big to be described by a single religion & satan existed in islam only after christianity & judaism.

    Islam was founded 700 years later !

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