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what does this mean? S.O.S??

what does s.o.s. stand for?

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    It's a distress call. SOS was chosen because it's distinctive and easy to remember - ...---... Note that there are no spaces or punctuation; it's SOS not S.O.S.

    It isn't intended to be an abbreviation for anything; it's a distress call in itself. The idea that SOS means anything but 'SOS' was added later by a society increasingly familiar with acronyms. Such abbreviations were not in common use in 1905 when the standard was adopted.

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    sos stands for save our soul... the biggest reference of it we can find at the time ... when the titanic was shinking ...

    the crew we felt that they can not help and the ship will sink they will send teh danger signals in the form of fireworks high in teh sky so that the other ship nearby could find it and come for help.

    the basic meaning is the same,,, but now s.o.s stands for many things as the other answers says

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    In popular usage, SOS became associated with phrases such as "Save Our Ship," "Survivors On Ship," "Suck Our Sacks" and "Send Out Sailors". However, these phrases were a later development, most likely used to help remember the correct letters- something known as a backronym. Other backronyms include Stuck On Site. In reality, it has no meaning.

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    S.O.S originally stood for Save Our Ship, but people use it for many things now such as So Over Sexy, Sister Over Shoulder and things like that. =]

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    Save Our Ship

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    Save Our Souls

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    An s.o.s Means send help someone is in trouble .. You ding bat. You should know that...

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    Morris code for distress: Save our Ship

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    SOS is the conventional description for the international Morse code misery signal (· · · - - - · · ·). This misery signal replaced into first followed by skill of the German authorities in radio guidelines useful April one million, 1905, and grew to grow to be the international regular even as it replaced into blanketed interior the second one international Radiotelegraphic convention, which replaced into signed on November 3, 1906, and grew to grow to be useful on July one million, 1908. From the starting up, the SOS misery signal has easily consisted of a continuous sequence of three-dots/3-dashes/3-dots, all run at the same time with out letter spacing. In international Morse Code, 3 dots style the letter S, and three dashes make the letter O, so "SOS" grew to grow to be an elementary thanks to keep in recommendations the superb order of the dots and dashes. In present day terminology, SOS is a "procedural signal" or "prosign", and the formal thanks to exhibit that there are not any inner areas even as it really is shipped is to position in writing it with a bar above the letters, i.e. SOS. In regularly happening utilization, SOS grew to grow to be linked with words which includes "keep Our deliver," "keep Our Souls," "Survivors On deliver," "keep Our Sailors" "supply up different signals" "Sink Or Swim" and "deliver Out Sailors" "some One particular" . even if, those words were a later progression, likely used to help keep in recommendations the superb letters—something properly-called a backronym.

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    Save our souls

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