Why do Muslims hate America and Israel?

I am trying to understand what the fighting in Israel and Lebanon is about.

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    Both Muslims and Jews hold special reverance for the area currently occupied by Israel. Both of their religions (as well as Christianity) trace their beginnings to that section of the Middle East, where thousands of years ago, Islam and Judaism merged and began with the same God, and the same patriarch (human father), Abraham.

    The names and traditions may be different, but the origins are the same. Allah is God, Mohammed is the Islamic equivalant to Jesus. You would be amazed at how many similarities Christianity shares with Islam in their beliefs.

    The current fighting comes from the long-standing dispute over this land that has been going since the earliest days of man. The area has been conquered and ruled by countless empires and it is no less desirable now. Before the Jews were established (by world powers) in the area, it was primarily settled by Muslims (under the Ottoman Empire, circa World War I). The Arabs of the area believe that the land was unfairly taken from them. The Jews believe their claims to the land go back to the ancient kingdom of Israel, in the Old Testament.

    Additionally, many Muslims have a growing hatred of America due to our continual involvement there, which often involves countless numbers of their civilian casualties, as well as the destruction of their homes, farms, livelihood, and sacred places.

    Much of the current Iraq War, first Gulf War, and growing tension with Iran stems from the post WWII involvement we had in working with the British to exploit oil from Iran. When the democratic government of Iran protested the exploitation and passed laws against it, we removed their elected leader and returned the country to a monarchy. Our actions there eventually led to a revolt, under the Ayatollah, at which time we supported Saddam Hussein's war against Iran, until Saddam got over ambitious and started war against Kuwait, essentially beginning the long, ridiculous war we are (again) invovled in now.

    I'd bet my left nut that they would not hate us so much if we weren't always over there blowing things up and messing with their governments. Would you like it if Europe kept telling us what to do and blew us up if we did not comply?

    Source(s): in response to "the Koran tells them to kill unbelievers." so does the Old Testament...
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    I'm very sad that the whole world knows not what is actually happening and yet condemn what they knows not without thinking.

    Firstly, the question is reflected to all Muslims around the world which is unfair. a true Muslims do not hate people with other religion, there are Muslims all around the world, each with their own understanding of what is happening.

    true enough that most Muslim are against all the fighting happening in Israel and Lebanon, and as human being we should all be against the idea of war and lose of innocent lives. to say that Muslims hate America is also the same as they hating the people of America but this is not true as in America itself, there are plenty of Muslim Americans.

    you have to right to practise whatever religion you believe but not the right to condemn the others. all in all, be it you're a Muslim or not, you should be against the idea of war. surely if there any reason to hate America is that they are aiding the war and supporting it, hence a Muslims would see it as more killings of other Muslims.

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    During times of conflict between the Muslim nations and Israel, time and time again America has lent it's support to Israel. Even in the recent campaign, when the Arab League had requested the U.N. to order a ceasefire on Israel, only the U.S. was there to veto the measure which in turn allows Israel to continue their destruction on their neighboring foe rather then end the conflict (for the moment at least).

    As long as the U.S. continues to do such moves, we'll always be seen as sympathizers to Israel and supporters of it's military campaigns against Muslim nations.

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    US backs Israel,because most israeli rich men in US contribute in the government,they provided big bucks for the presidency election for bush,that and also israel is the strongest in the middle east thanks to the technology and weapons coming from US ,that is why not only muslims hate america and israel but in other regions the hate against US is growing for supporting israel.

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    Well religion is just the main thing in common that people in the middle east group around really they hate the fact that israel was created out of muslim land just becaouse the world felt sorry for the jews after WWII. Isreal is one of the few allies in the middle east and thats why they hate americans as well.

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    The Muslin's are taught to hate the Jews and Christians from when they are born and it dates back to when they fought the Crusades . The Christians won and tried to change the Muslin's to Christianity . They have hated us every sense . We are the infidels and are evil in their eyes . After hating us for so long , do you think they will change now ? The hatred is so strong that they want us wiped off the face of the earth and the Jews too .

    The radicals terrorist will never rest till that is done , they don't want to negotiate a peaceful settlement , they want to win and kill us all.

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    It's their holy war which started eons ago and will never end. Muslims have always hated Christians and Jews , a representation of America and Israel. respectively.

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    Because America openly supported the creation of Isreal, which was created in then Muslim territory.

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    Because they believe that Israel is trying to take territory that is theirs by inheritance (and divine right) - and the U.S. is obviously Israel's strongest supporter.

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    Muslims hate Christians, or any other group that does not practice the religion of Islam.

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