Trivia questions regarding American tv shows of the past...?

Okay, a little game on this lovely summer day.

1. Tell me please the name of the show and two of the people in this clip. Character name and real name. First and last names,please.

2. Name the person in this picture,character name and real name , who also played a role in "Everybody Loves Raymond."

3. Name two tv shows the great Nancy Walker had a role on.

4.Who are the members of this tv and real-life family?

5. What is the name of this actor and what was his name on "The Rebel" ?

6. What is her name and what two shows did she appear in, on tv?



"luckybeetle" As I said in the description...did you read it? It's just a fun little contest, that's all.

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    1. Rob Petrie-Dick Van Dyke

    Laura Petrie-Mary Tyler Moore

    Buddy Sorrell-Morey Amsterdam

    Sally Rogers-Rosemarie

    Mel Cooley-Richard Deacon

    2. Georga Engel-Pat MacDougall

    3- Nancy walker starred in Rhoda and McMillan and Wife

    4. Ozzie Harriet Ricky and David Nelson

    5. Nick Adams-Johnny Yuma

    6. Susan St James-McMillan and Wife and Kate and Allie

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    1. "Dick Van Dyke show". Rob Petrie: Dick Van Dyke. Laura Petrie: Mary Tyler Moore

    2. that blonde soft spoken chick. can't think of her name.

    3.she was on a comercial for Palmolive dish soap. does that count?

    4. The Nelson's. Ozzie, Harriet, ?, and Ricky.

    5. ? dunno.

    6. Charlie's Angels? Dynasty? Dallas?


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    Why ask me? Don't you know.

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