What are the the sources of intestinal flora ?

I am having lack in intestinal flora. So, what are the the sources of

potent intestinal flora.

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    The people answering this question seem to be generating confusion between the terms "intestinal flora" and "probiotics".

    Intestinal flora refers to the normal bacteria, fungi and spirochaetes which inhabit the colon; probiotics are specialized bacteria which are intended to replace intestinal flora once they are altered by disease or drugs.

    The intestinal flora develop in babies by two routes, from the mouth and from the anus. The flora changes as conditions in the colon change with age, including pH, local redox potiential, and competing other flora.

    The only way one "lacks intestinal flora" is if the gut is entirely devoid of bacteria. It takes persistent use of specialized antibiotics to do this, as its done for bone marrow transplant patients. Any other lesser change in intestinal flora, for example by using standard oral antibiotics, produces only a temporary alteration in the flora. Shortly after stopping taking oral antibiotics, teh intestinal flora returns to normal. There is no such thing as "potent" intestinal flora.

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    Flora enter the intestine through food and drink. Yogurt is a natural source of fermenting flora. Some drugs known as probiotics contain flora, such as saccharomyces bulardi and lactobacillus bifidus. Thes flora protect against diarrhea, allergy, etc.

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    a good idea is to go to your local health food store (or walmart may even carry it, maybe even GNC) and find some acidophilus. acidophilus is a bacteria found in yogurt and other cultured foods. you can buy it in a pill form or liquid form, although i think the liquid form may have more bacteria in one teaspoon/tablespoon than the pill does. this will help you to replenish the bacteria in your intestines that you have lost and if you are experiencing any diarrhea, this should help cut that down too.

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