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Censorship on TV?

Can somebody please explain to me why certain things are censored and others are not. For example, on medical shows, in particular plastic surgery shows, during a breast augmentation operation the nipples of the breast are blacked out yet they show liposuction where fat is sucked out which I think is more offensive. They show births of babies but nipples are blocked out, yet they show mothers nursing. Men's nipples and butts are shown all the time. And male frontal nudity in movies is almost never seen.

I remember back in the 1960s when my mother wanted to start a campaign to get bra commercials off TV when they first appeared. And they weren't even on real people--they were on mannequins.

And language on TV has gotten more and more explicit. I have heard every curse word on the planet. I try not to use them (except when I stub my toe and I can't help it) but why are some curse words used and others aren't? Who are these censorship people and why don't they ask me what I think?

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    I hope you're sitting down, because answering this seriously is going to take a while.

    There are always going to be people who think they know what's best for you (because, in their minds, you don't know what's best for yourself). These people, whether politicians, clergymen, your teachers, all think they know more about you than you do yourself.

    The thing to remember, is EVERY ONE of these people are scared. They're terrified. They live in mortal fear, that seeing a bare female breast or a flash of pubic hair will turn the youth of America into slobbering, rutting sex maniacs. They're terrified of the notion that there are huge, rolling orgies out there, and sometimes it's anger, because deep down, they're pissed they weren't invited.

    It kinda works this way: Some old fart who hasn't had sex in decades sees two people on TV, obviously in love (or lust), kissing, fondling each other, whatever. He's not getting anything close to that kind of action, so he doesn't want to see it on his TV (kinda like rubbing it in, making fun of him), so he judges it to be bad and something so bad should not be allowed on TV. Other people out there are just either too scared or too scarred by sex to enjoy it. If they cant enjoy intimacy, why should anyone else be allowed to? So they get together, deplore the state of things and start writing letters to their elected representatives, complaining about how the 'loose morals' on TV are going to "corrupt the nation's youth".

    Politicians are terrified because their whole livelihood is about getting re-elected, so they can keep their jobs. They listen to these morons trying to pas judgement on everyone else. To shut these people up, they pass laws which make it illegal to show a bare breast, or male sexual organs, or to use "foul" language on TV, so as not to corrupt all the little kiddies who may be watching.

    And parents are terrified as well, because they see their children being raised by teachers they're never met, nannies they don't truly know, and TV which they either are too busy to, or won't, control. They can't take their kids out of school, they don't have time to do proper background checks on babysitters or nannies, but HEY! They can whine about TV, movies and advertising and feel as though they're accomplishing something, as though they're looking out for the children they're too busy to properly raise themselves. It can't be THEIR fault their children are delinquents, they wrote a letter to a TV network once.

    Even politicians who DON'T get these letters, use the public's fear of youth and sex to get votes. Why is it we only hear about (in the US anyway) "American Family Values" from our politicians when there's another election coming up? This is called RHETORIC (words which have different meaning to different people, so in essense, words which mean nothing at all). Playing on people's fear to get elected is MUCH safer than telling them the truth: They are scared, weak people who will do anything to deflect the blame for their kids from themselves, rather than grow up and FACE up to their responsibilities.

    The government created the Federal Communications Commission, in order to regulate TV, free radio etc, because of all this fear. Fear of sex, fear the public's children were getting away from them, fear of how powerful and pervasive TV had become. They left it up to the FCC to determine what is to be allowed on publicly-owned airwaves and what is forbidden. The FCC set up guidelines to follow and a system of fines for violations of the guidelines and have been enforcing them (with varying degrees of success) ever since.

    However, TV can wait. It lays low, and once in a while, pushes the boundaries, just to see what the public's attitude is like. After 20 years of "Ozzie and Harriet" we couldnt WAIT for "Roseanne" to show up. If one little push is accepted by both the public and the FCC, then more follow. Before you know it, there are a lot of little staitons out there, ALL pushing the limits in their own ways. The FCC has let stuff go before, for years sometimes, but all it takes is for someone to whine about how gross Howard Stern is, for the FCC to decide, ok, its time to crack down again. This has happened several times over the years.

    The real way to control what you see on TV if you see something you dont like, TURN THE CHANNEL. SHUT THE TV OFF AND READ A BOOK. Dont expect someone else to take the responsibility for your own weakness. And really, start paying a LOT more attention to your children. Why should they love you and trust your judgement when they dont even know you?

    No TV station out there can afford to remain in business, showing programming no one watches. Fact is, I would much rather watch a program dealing maturely and factually with some issue, than one which is just trying to not offend anyone. If what they're showing offends people, people should stop watching it, advertisers will see how poorly the ratings are and stop spending money to advertise on that particular show and, before you know it, the show is gone.

    Stop expecting someone else to do your dirty work and take charge of your own lives. And for God's sake, stop believing what either the TV or your politicians tell you. It's ALL lies.

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    On the pre-reality, fashion, trading spaces-TLC (specifically, about 8-10 years ago), they showed breast surgery and sexual health programs without censoring, because they were shown for educational purposes. Since then, they've turned away from that. And things have gotten more strict.

    Censorship is alot more lax in Canada, it's not uncommon to see a soft-core porn on over-the-air TV, as long as it's shown past midnight.

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    Yes!!!! I believe completely! Censoring TV is a direct violation of the first amendment: freedom of speech! If I want to use the word "****" on air, how can the government tell me not to? I am sure the fathers of our country did not envision our country to support this grave indignation. I believe we, you and me, should begin a petition to free television from the censorship shackles that have been placed upon it! For freedom!!!!

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    Part of it is that we want you to concentrate on the action and not the body parts, but it runs hot and cold.

    I remember a NOVA segment on a plane that went down in the jungle. They found the bodies and a lot were naked, so you saw everything.

    Nudity is also not a problem or concern on PBS.

    Ask you what you think? As if you are a rational, intelligent adult?

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    "If you kiss a Nipple, it's rated R - if you bite it off, it's rated PG-13" (Jack Nicholson)

    You live in a prudish country ruled by right-wing religious nuts where violence runs rampant (on TV and in reality), yet people on TV take showers with towels (who else gets out of the shower towel-clad) and even Playboy alters vaginas to non-descript lines. STUPID !

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    This country is a*ss backwards that is why. Our own rules have no rhyme or reason and make no sense at all.

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    IF Paris Hilton is involved then it should be censored!

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    that's your government..

    they don't have to ask what you think because you (or at least most people) voted on them

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