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duty free, tax free?

Hi in my earlier question, i was answered that duty free means no taxes at all while tax free is just one tax cut...

can anyone tell me what all taxes are not included in duty free and what all taxes are not inluded in tax free???

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    Maybe I'm wrong, but here is my belief:

    Tax Free - Free from taxes of your local government, i.e. removal of sales taxes, fuel taxes, etc.

    Duty Free - Free from Taxes associated with international trade, i.e. import taxes, tariffs, etc.

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    You do not pay Taxes on what you buy because you are in a tax free zone! If you are in Germany, you MUST pay 16% on ALL goods and services. At the airport, after you have gone thru customs, you enter into an area for travelers only! You are ready to get on to the air-plane. Shops in those area, sell items without TAXES. (Duty-Free)! You can not leave the area and go outside of the air port. You board the air craft taking your purchases with you.

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