Where can I get a Full student loan with no cosigner and no credit ? FAFSA didnt help alot.?

Parents wont cosign a PLUS loan. I'm only 18. I do have a job. College starts in a month. Please help me.

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    try to get a grant insted

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    In some cases there are grants available at the state level but you normally have t have your FAFSA in at a certain time to qualify. Since your parents won't cosign I would set up an appointment with the schools financial aid office. The school does want you attend since they will be receiving funds. Explain the the FA counselor your situation and see if they are able to help you. They may know of scholarships that you may apply for or work study programs. Worse case is to hold off and try to have yourself declared independent of your parents. In this case the ability to get a loan will depend on just your income, which always helps.

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    I got myself a stafford loan several years ago plus one small grant. I understand there are Pell grants too....depends on which one you fit into. The way I did it I saved myself a lot of money by going to junior college for the first 2 years (it was easier to learn and a lot cheaper than the 4-year college), got my AA degree, and then transferred the AA degree to the 4-year college to take the last 2 years. Seems to me that to get any of the loans the colleges offer you have to go "full time". And you can carry a full load if you go evening courses plus weekend courses (and finish in 3 years instead of 4). Remember that any loan you get you have to pay it back and start payments 6 months after graduation unless you fall to part time then they come after you for full payment and start dunning you. I understand the government is giving out fewer loans now, but the registrar's office or a counselor at the college would be able to tell you what's available for you. Good luck.

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    You can get a loan through FAFSA, I did when I was your age. Get in contact with Sallie Mae tell them your situation, it is possible -be persistant. If that doesn't work get one credit card get that offers a minimum balance of $300. (Orchard Bank-First Preimier)Make a deal with your parents that they pay the minimum on your card or pay the, the first month they will add a fee to your card-if they choose not to cut up your card and pay what they charged to you-unfortunatly you have to owe someone to get loans. Get in touch with Sallie Mae let them no - see what they can do.

    http://www.salliemae.com/get_student_loan/find_stu... this is not the PLUS


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