Ideas to help my 2 1/2-year-old not pick at a scab?

My kid did a face plant in a parking lot and scrapped up her chin last week. She keeps picking it the scab, causing it to bleed. Does anyone have any ideas to get her to stop picking at it? I've tried bandages over it (she removes them), talking to her and wishful thinking. Any other strategies that I should try?

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    *returns after puking* Slap her hand!

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    That's what all kids do and you won't always be able to stop them. Even I did that as a kid. She will grow out of it and I would suggest in the meantime, buy a gentle cleaner like benzalkonium chloride solution to clean it with. You can buy it at Claire's in the form of Ear Piercing Solution. The reason why you should choose this brand is because it's sting-free (unlike alcohol and peroxide) and disinfects and cleans. It will also promote quicker and faster healing. Also buy her some fun children's bandages. Have her go with you to the drug store to pick out a pack. She will surely wear them if she thinks they're cool. Find a sting-free bandage spray. Buy a good one and douse the knee with it. She can't peel away at this stuff.

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    She keeps picking at it because it's beginning to itch. I would have still continued to keep neosporin on it. Since it is itching, it is still in the healing process. Neosporin is also wonderful for reducing scars. It's better to keep it open now, and band-aids are only needed for the original few days, when it's still in the bleeding process.

    Don't use that "second skin" bandaid stuff. It'll burn. That's for small cuts & scrapes, not for face injuries.

    I also wouldn't use ear piercing solution on anywhere but the ears! We actually use Band-Aid's Hurt-Free Antiseptic wash - it's in a blue bottle. It's only a couple bucks, I think I found it either at Walmart or Walgreens. We buy it in abundance in this house! It doesn't sting, and it streams out just like the hospital does, when they do an antiseptic wash. I use cotton balls & Q-tips to help get dirt out. Otherwise, if there's no dirt in it, just lightly wash her face with water when you give her a bath. Put neosporin on again, when she's sleeping so she won't wipe it off.

    I use this sequence, not only because I don't like to see my children in pain, but also - I don't want them to scar.

    Source(s): Mom of 5 children, now awaiting birth of twins.
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    Me and my dad share this account so don't freak and think he's a girl. Anyway when i was little my dad would always put rubbing alcohol on mine since it stings i would want to cry and he would say "If you pick it again I'll put the alcohol on it again." That would always make me stop because the alcohol burned a little. Just an idea.

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    Have you tried the really cool bandaids with Dora or Micky Mouse on them? Sometimes acting like it's a really special treat to be able to wear a cool bandaid will keep them from taking it off.

    Good luck!

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    you might try a bit of a painful cleaner......then tell her if she doesnt keep from picking could get infected and you will also have to put more of the ouchy cleaner on it.....then maybe she will also leave the band aids on.....maybe a favorite cartoon bandage...that she can look in the mirror at.good luck....hope it goes well.

    Source(s): 13 years ...4 babies....and LOTS of boo boo's
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    Yeah! One a those big huge funnel collars that they put on dogs to keep them from scratching their wounds. I am sure they have some for big dogs that would fit. Only trouble is she won't be able to see where she is toddling and may do another faceplant.

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    Use the band aids that you paint on with a brush, because they don't come off as easy. Also, give her something to keep her hands busy or something that will distract her.

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    Tell a "fib" and say if she continues to pick at it that she will get worms on her face. Its gross I know but it might work.

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    Place socks over his hands and tell him its really cool and stuff

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    Tell her that's where monsters come out of

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