canada post tracking?

anyone ever use xpresspost and the envelope not be in the system for tracking??? i had a envelope going from ontario to BC,,,and not sure if it got wouild i track this if i can find it in the system olnine using the tracking numbers???? also inside was a money order...can i get that refunded with the reciept if the package never made it/???

Thnx a bunches!!!!


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  • Ken C.
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    1 decade ago
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    Below is a link to the tracking page on the Xspresspost site. It appears you can use an Item Number a Reference Number or a Delivery Notification Card Number. Have you tried other numbers.

    Your package may not be in the system by mistake, but with today's scanning inventory tracking systems, it is not very likely. It is more likely that the numbers you are attempting to enter are being miskeyed. Try again being extra careful.

  • 7FAM
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    1 decade ago,/ and go to track a package

    If you had a copy of the money order, then you have something to argue with, otherwise, if you are certain that it has been lost, cancel it at once.

  • 6 years ago


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