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msf course?

I really want to get my motorcycle license badly and I know the way to do it is to take the msf course. The problem is my mom ignores me when I tell her to sign me up.

My parents approved of this but I think my mom just doesn't know how to sign me up and therefore ignores me.

How in the world do I go about signing up? I have the phone number but I don't think I can sign up like that.

Where do I go, the DMV? I'm 17 and live in TX. Help would be greatly appreciated :)

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    The first thing you do is go to the DPS web site and print out the motorcycle operator's manual. Then you study and go to the local DPS office. You ask for a motorcycle learner's permit and take the written test. This gets you the first part, where you can ride a motorcycle if there is a licensed operator in sight.

    Then you go to the DPS web site and look for a school in your area. Contact the individual school to see when it has classes, how much the fee is, and what they require to sign up. Some of the entries on the DPS site have links and some schools do not (but all have phone numbers).

    After you take the course, take the certificate back to DPS and they will issue you a motorcycle license. There is no riding test if you pass the MSF beginner's course.

    Source(s): DPS Motorcycle Driver's Manual DPS site to find school for MSF course
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    Call your local college to see when they have a class available. The course in my town is given at the Jr. College. You have to sign up with them.

    The alternative is to take the MSF approve course at the Harley-Davidson dealer. Its more expensive , but they offer more courses, so its easier to get a class.

    Source(s): I ride in TX
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    Simple man. Just log on to From there you can find the course nearest you. How to sign up? It just depends on the location of the course. Check it out. :)

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    Go to real good people! I've taken both courses and they are excellent. Very good for beginning riders. I ride in Texas too! I'm in the Austin area.

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