Just how dangerous is dirt-bike riding if I get all the protective gear?

I'm about to start up, I'm 35 yo, and I'm not the crazy-rider type (won't take crazy chances). How dangerous is it?

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    First off,I'd like to start by saying,yes,the potential for injury does exist.However,what sport doesn't have risks?You must realize,that you are starting at a relatively,late time in your life.That fact alone means,you simply,take longer to heal.You WILL hit the ground!Accept this fact and use it to your best advantage.It doesn't matter how well a person masters this sport,just ask any professional rider,and you will find that even they have done plenty of soil sampling when they were doing some relatively slow maneuvers and have hurt themselves.The question you truly need to ask yourself is,"IF I GET INJURED,DO I HAVE THE PROPER MEDICAL INSURANCE TO COVER MY ***,AND IF I DON'T HOW AM I GOING TO PAY MY BILLS?" I personnally,have ridden since the age of 9 and I am 41 now.I broke my back at the age of 25,I was about 1/16th of an inch from being a qudraplegic.I was very,very fortunate to have come out of that pretty much unscathed.I MUST TELL YOU!!! I STILL RIDE TO THIS DAY!! PEIOD!! Once,a person has ridden and realizes the adrenaline rush of pushing a machine to one's limits,you simply cannot stop.It is addictive!USE YOUR HEAD!The times I have seen people get hurt,it was simply,"Ohh,I am just going down the road,or just ride around the campsite so I don't need my helmet."BULLSH%T!!! Wear your helmet,goggles(not sunglasses),and bare minimum,a good pair of riding boots!Gloves are also recommended!!And most of all,RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE"S PROPERTIES AND USE YOUR BETTER JUDGEMENT WHEN IT COMES TO NOISE POLLUTION!!!THIS SPORT DOESN'T NEED ANOTHER BOZO WITH NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS.TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!!!! If you ride in a public riding area,where other people are camping,don't go blasting by their campsite or if you are at your local track,slow down in the pit area!Unfortunately,most accidents are caused by inexperienced riders!Be aware of your surroundings!!! It is a sport which has a lot of good people who do their best to keep your riding areas open for you,so support you local dealer.Oh,by the way,if you see somebody that isn't giving the proper respect to others,feel free to tell them what negative effects it can have in this sport,and set them straight.I truly encourage you and welcome you to this truly awesome sport.You may also consider taking riding classes,check with your local dealer for more info.Enjoy!!!

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    It is dangerous, BUT you can mitigate almost all risks. I pulled the same thing as what you sound like you are starting to do. I got a big Kawasaki KLR650 for my first bike (well since childhood when I had ridden my brothers a bit). Wicked good power at low end, quite a bit of fun on the trails, but more fun on the road. Statistically speaking dirt bike riders have better safety records on the asphalt than road only drivers. That bike was a bad choice for trail riding; too heavy. I would have been safer and happier if I would have just gotten a 400 or smaller dirt bike.

    What do you mean by "all" the protective gear? I never saw a numbered list. About my third ride out I had a mistake that let me know rocks in dried mud feel like ballpeen hammers rapping onto your elbow. Got hockey elbow pads after that.

    It seems you are damned either way. I rode hard in un-rideable Canadian swamp & muck behind a 4 wheeler where the guy had nothing on and held back on calling me a P_ssy for all the gear I was wearing, and if I didn't wear it everybody I know that cares about me would call me stupid. I say wear it all! It will save you from hundreds of minor injuries. Especially boots gloves helmet and goggles. I don't think anything can stave off a major injury and their may be an infinite way to get them.

    Don't ever ride alone! Go easy your first time over new ground. Ride with experienced people.

    Have fun cause it wont be long before the stupid tree huggers and the federal government take over all the fun and rideable land. At the end I thought I'd have to buy property just to ride! I'm all street now and not sure which one is safer.

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    GET THE GEAR, no joke, full chest and back armor, good gloves (recommend Fox Bombers) good boots and knee gaurds and a great helmet. When buying equipment, you get what you pay for, remember that. As all the other, dont ride over your head, if you are very uncomfortable, and trying somethign for the first time...dont do it, if you think you can do it somewhat safely, then maybe try it, but you got major butterflies going, its not worth it. Start small and work your way up. Dont just divew full on into a freestyle ramp, the landing sucks and the ride to your new white room is full of sharp things and an uncomfortable bed. Go to a bike shop and look around for any videos that will teach you the basics of riding then go practice them somewhere. How to stand, steer jump things like that, it sho0uld help out. Dont let anybody give you greif about how you ride tho, what works for some doesnt work for others. Get Dirt Rider and Dirt Bike, they have great tips on how to ride some situations, also teach you some maintenance tips on your bike or equivelaent.

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    Just as with anything in life, there are risks in riding a dirt bike. A lot of the risk comes form where you ride. If you are in an unfamiliar area, there may be hidden hazards that can cause problems. Ride any new trail slowly, looking out for the problems, and then you can increase your speed once you know the area.

    Expect that you will end up with bumps and bruises, but if you act like you have some sense, which you seem to, then dirt riding can be fun and safe!

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    Obeying the rules is just as important as the gear. Last month a 12 yr. old boy had on all his gear, but started back on the trail too soon and went head on into another rider. He was killed---broken neck. The other rider was his brother and is recuperating. You never know what the other guy will do. Your vision is limited because of the gear and therefore, some accidents are unavoidable. Just know your surroundings and who you are riding with.

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    Jus coz you've got all the gear doesn't mean you'll be safe. Get some advanced training on the bike & go steady. That type of riding is hard work & you have to be fit too. IF you won't take crazy chances, you're in for the wrong bike coz they're all crazy!

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    My bf had a bike like that and wasn't riding like crazy when his front wheel bumped into something along the road and sent him hitting the road head-first. Broke his neck but survived. Had to go through a lot of rehab to learn how to walk again.

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    If your not riding 'over your head' its one of the safest sports out there. If your going to be jumping/stunting you will get hurt eventually If you have not ridden an area previously (or even if you have) take a slow lap in case anything/anyone is coming opposite direction or trail has changed (bulldozed, washed out, etc)

    dont ride into trees :O)

    Source(s): 30+yrs riding/racing offroad
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    It's as dangerous as you make it, the problem is the longer you ride the more confident you get and then you start taking chances and ,bang, an accident occurs.

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    Off road riding is safe if you are, trees don't pull out in front of you or rear end you. Use common sense and ride within your limits, and always wear all your gear and you should enjoy it. Learn to ride like an fart and you will probably be around long enough to become one. If you go like lightning........you crash like thunder.

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