how many square feet in an acre?

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    There are 4840 square yards in an acre. You wanted this in feet so

    just multiply by 9 to get 43560 square feet (there are 9 square

    feet in a square yard). It may seem strange that this is not a

    perfect square, but there is also a unit of length called the

    acre-length that is 220 yards. 220 squared is 48400, so an acre

    is a plot of land 220 yards by 22 yards. Then 10 acres side by

    side are 220 yards by 220 yards, and an 8 by 8 square of these 10

    acre plots is one square mile.

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    What Is The Square Footage Of An Acre

  • 43560 square feet = 1 one acre

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    It is definately 43560. I remember it from an memory jogger one of my instructors gave me right before my Broker's exam.

    Just remember you can't buy land at the 7-11 (4+3=7 and 5+6=11) Goofy but it worked. 11 years and I still remember it.

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    an acre measures 2000ft x 2000ft. so I'd say it's 40,000. What do you think? Basic math and you waste a question. Geez!!!

    And harley!! Where did you learn math a square mile???? LOL---

    that is called a builders acre I think it's alittle bigger but that is how builders figure when they build houses.

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    I just googled the answer to this because, to be honest, it was easier than using my calculator to figure 5,280 times 5,280 divided by 640 (the number of feet in one mile times itself divided by the number of acres in a square mile).

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    43,560 sq. ft. to the acre. 100 Percent sure on this one.

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    43560 sq feet

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    i think its 244 but not exactly sure.. GL

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