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I have a hobby im really good at which is fixing peoples bikes in NE ohio. how do i let people know w/o news?

I am a 13 year old who loves fixing on peoples bikes in cleveland-akron,Ohio and i dont have the money to place an ad in the newspaper how do i let people know how to contact me for a situation if i dont have newspaper ad placing money i could do it on the internet but nobody goes to the internet when they need their bike fixed some suggestions PLEASE. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED.

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    i'm older and i tried to do didn't pay

    i started buying bikes from 2nd hand stores cheap to

    make one good bike out of two broken ones,etc

    i had a garage facing a pretty good busy street, open the door, people could see many bikes,etc.i didn't advertise, it was just a hobby. i'd sell some and buy more. my problem was turning a profit. people don't want to pay a lot for what i invested... dang inner tubes and parts i didn't have cost more than i could recover from in the sale. and i'm not a good businessman, just handy

    i don't mean to discourage you, others turned same thing into solid business. the idea about advertising in grocery store bulletin boards,is good, also laundromats, etc

    good luck

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    You could put up notices at supermarkets. However, let people know that you do this as a hobby and are not a licensed mechanic. Otherwise, you could get into trouble if you do something wrong. You might have to replace a part or a whole bike.

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    Wouldn't you have money from fixing peoples bikes to put an Ad in the paper ? Just wondering.

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    Stop asking this question. I would never let a 13 year old near my bike.

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