Moving to Ashburn Va ( DC metro Area) Is there anything I should know?

I know the cost of living is OUTRAGEOUS, as the cheapest apartment I've found is 1400.00 a month, and the traffic is horrible, the summers are raining and the winters are cold....

Um.. why am I moving there? Just kidding. What do you know about Virginia? Any really positive information?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello. - Links Below.

    Have a nice weekend. :)

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    There's great shopping at the Leesburg outlet stores. If you get on 66 west you'll end up in the Blue Ridge Mountains which are beautiful. If you are into camping, canoeing, hiking it's a great weekend escape. There are a lot of vineyards if you like wine.

    Personally I moved away to get away from the traffic, people are not so friendly, outrageous cost of living life.

    Source(s): Former Virginian
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    Well, you got some correct facts. The positives are that the whole metropolitan DC area is very sophisticated, International (hopefully , you're not xenophobic), and offers a lot culturally, food-wise, and employment-wise. By the way, you forgot one negative. As Spring comes and we get the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms and all other flowers, you will also develop allergies.

    Virginia, btw, is the more conservative politically of the metropolitan Washington area.

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    I moved to the DC Metro a couple of years ago and I like it. Try to live near the Metro that way you can get to most places and not drive. Type WMATA in the search engine for the Metro map and stops. It is super easy to use.

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