What is the problem between Lebanon and Israel?

Why is Israel attacking Beirut like crazy, what's the problem these 2 countries have.

And will this war that started yesterday, with the bombings and attacks get bigger?

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    It isn't Lebanon per say, it is Hezballah (political group, terrorists). Hez runs Southern Lebanon like a seperate country. They have their own army outside of the Lebonese standard army and they do not answer to the Lebonese gov't. The President of Lebanon has no authority over them, or will not/ has not tried to corral them.

    The Lebonese President has been calling for truce, talks, and I believe even mentioned returning the soldiers. It is the Hez in the south (on the border of Israel) that is the problem.

    I think Israel is bombing beruit to try and pressure the non-Hez Lebonese gov't ( there are only a dozen or so Hez out of the 120 in the parliament) to take a firmer position on Hezballah.

    And they have been leading up to this for a while, the soldiers kidnapped was just the straw that broke the camels back. Israel has vowed to eliminate Hezballah, at least from Lebanon. Which I think would be doing the Lebonese a favor, since most of the people don't favor Hez. They are just to scared of them to do anything.

    So I think it escalates until the soldiers are returned or some drastic diplomatic solution is reached.

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    As strange as it may seem, there isn't a big conflict between the two, the conflict is that Lebanon is a weak nation that allows Hezbollah to nest in it's southern region, close to Israel, making it possible to attack Israel.

    Escalation is very possible. Iran is rattling its rockets at Israel, as is Syria. These are the two countries that must be neutralized before any kind of normalcy can be established in the middle east. I believe that once Iran joins the fray, Israel has no option but to nuke it. So, for Iran its," be careful what you wish for".

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    Israel all began even as the brits attempt for the most suitable time to flex its colonial skill by giving the Jew the land that Arab use to stay with 5% Jews they call Palestine. even as the Jew wanting to infest Palestine, they forcefully remove all Arabs from Palestine a lifeless ringer for Hitler do to the Jew in Europe. nicely the Jew needed revenge so badly, yet won't be able to attack the Christians because they're much better than they're. so they wanting to bully the Arab who's a ways weaker because of the brits colonialism. the different surprising guess is the Jew is plans to be a lifeless ringer for Hitler, even as that's solid sufficient it in simple terms attack anybody and carved this international because it see matches, a lifeless ringer for the Nazis. a lifeless ringer for Hitler they created racial coverage which excludes the Arabs a similar rights as a Jew. The crime that the Palestine ever did became to be an Arab. The Arab babies who do stay in what's named in the present day Israel were no longer given a similar preparation equipment because the Jew babies. a lifeless ringer for in Palestine, the Jew has extra to attain by controlling Lebanon this is water. Israel weak point because the Jew grows thirstier for water; they search for to regulate Lebanon to safeguard the water source. convinced that's incorrect for Hezbollah and Hamas to kidnap the Jews soldier, notwithstanding that's likewise incorrect to kick the community Arabs who've been residing in peace with the community Jews formerly Israel became created. If Hitler's racial coverage became condemned by the international, than I ask you this, why does the international tolerate or the Western international tolerates the Jews racial coverage hostile to the Arabs?

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    Their religions have always been in conflict, Israel is a new nation, created after WW11. Situated right in the middle of rivaling nations! Israel having men abducted is just an excuse to take revenge on the Lebanese.

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  • the answer to you question is complicated and long. if you would like to find out more information about this problem, you should check out aljazeera.com for some unfiltered truth about the matter.

    the violence going on in beirut it terrible, they are on the brink of war. israel has been on the attack for about a week now and has taken the lives of many innocent women and children, because of this, Hezbollah has been forced to fight back.

    israel has show its true colors, no mercy, no fear of the UN, no care for innocent muslim lives, it is truly a sad and scary situation.

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    let's see, lebanon's new government supports (or is afraid to get rid of it's terrorist hezbolla orginazation) the group that abducts, bombs, and terrorizes it's citizens. israel has a right to defend itself and it is it's DUTY to protect it's citizens. we would expect and demand the same from our gov.

    in my opinion i hope that israel does not give in to international pressure and destroys the hezbollah they need to be shown that you cannot use terroristic tactics to accomplish your needs. this send a clear message to other countries.

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    As with most of the world's problems - Religion.

    Yes I expect it to get worse since out retarded president has gone on record as saying that he will not try to stop the violence.

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    Religion. They have been fighting for thousands of years...it has just stepped up a little recently.

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