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How many if any booby traps are there in the pyramids.My husband says there are none I need proof there is ???


Thank you all very much as you all I too remember these facts just cant find the proof. My husband read in that there was no such booby traps now it is written in stone . Unfortunately I can not find any proof to the booby traps therey. I know I saw it on a discovery type program and now can not prove it . My husband has a problem with being (so he thinks) right about everything. I would love to prove him wrong . thank you

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    Dagfinn has the best answer no doubts about it...I would add to that they sometimes used ancient mushrooms that emit poisenous gas that remains regardless of the time loop as long as the air is there...

    But that's about it to my knoledge...but I guarantee you that until now...many traps (as well as other pharaonic related topics) are still a complete mistery today...

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    To protect the bodies of the buried kings, they did indeed put many booby traps. There were and still are many tomb and grave robbers, so booby traps were needed to protect the buried and their treasure. I dont think there were any darts that shot out of the walls, but the egyptians did use alot of weighted traps, if you force open a door, or try to push something, it could release an object to fall on you, or make the ground drop from under you.

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    they used them to keep out grave robbers

    slideing walls

    asps and scorpians were used as well

    but I'm sure they have been removed as they explore them for safety reasons today for the scientists

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    Sometimes it doesn't matter if there is because it has been closed for so long with all those corpses, that as soon as you open you'll be filled with diseases. :/

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    there are because i learned this is social studies

    the people made extra tunnels to confuse robbers. thats all i remember....i think

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    who will u br traped if it is only one way

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    There are none ,where did you hear this?

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