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I predict that religion will be the end of the human race. Do you agree?

I believe that even those that believe in Jesus may partially agree with me. Currently there are countries that are ruled by religion that are refining uranium. History has shown that religious fanatics will use the most powerful weapon at hand to quell the infidels. Now that they have uranium, it is only a matter of time before someone kills us all in the name of their god in a bunch of atomic mushroom clouds. I personally would hope that this is a wake up call to Christians. In the end, the religious fanatics in the Middle East will actually hinder the human race. Is that what god compels you to allow? If that is not the case, then why are there so many Christians opposed to the war in Iraq?


SAY NO TO URANIUM in countries that are ruled by religion!!!

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    Absolutely, If everyone that was raised with religion in their life look back on it and judge your own life you would have to admit that it only caused stress and grief in your life church people tend to only love those in there church and condemn the rest. Religion is not a peaceful loving way of life it never has been. Religions have their fastings then while you are weak you only become more brainwashed about religion. MYPUBLICIDENTS keep up the good comments you are very knowledgeable. Very intelligent. Thumbs up to you!

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    Unfortunately, yes, religion may very well be the end of humanity. The predominate religions we have now all preach absolutism, believing in the forced conversions of the rest of the world. Even so, I believe the human nature is to denounce others' religions in order to validate one's own, even though there is no one true church of God, even if one knows this. Unless the whole world falls under one religion or everyone turns atheist (and I don't see either of these happening) and so long as mankind continues to build bigger and more powerful weapons of mass destruction (like the nuke for instance, and the inevitable anti-matter bomb coming within the next few centuries) mankind will likely blow himself to smithereens. Sad, but likely.

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    I think you have a good point. That's why I have turned to spirituality. More so I think that religion is an excuse used by the media to cover up cooperate battles between certain well known individuals. In the long run its all about money and power and who had more of it. God really has nothing to do with it.

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    the problem really isnt religion, its about sheeple who allow a religious or cult leader lead them

    heavens gate, example

    so its not someone who prays to god for help in his time of need for comfort, a sick child, can you blame the father for reading in the bible where the man says to jesus heal my son if you can, and jesus says, what the flip dude, whats this if crap, i can do it



    the defense of libery is on going

    dont forget this

    defend liberty

    ask questions

    they want you to stop asking questions

    keep asking

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    contributors of crew Human Race(THR) will change into extinct each day to those who're no longer alive and could change into actual extinct even as there'll no one alive in any respect to attraction to close that it exists; it is going to under no circumstances have existed in any respect. kind of an similar ingredient because the human race no longer present to someone to be born thousands of years in the past before any of their ancestors were given to attraction to close any of one yet another. no longer some thing to be stricken about even as the bothering about itself will under no circumstances have existed contained in the first position. after all how can someone have an before memory than now of being unsleeping in the journey that they don't awaken to have it? unnecessary being born once you could't understand you ever were? for sure, yet that disappears too with individual and crew human race extinctions. non secular human beings get out of eternal oblivion by technique of creating out that everybody exists for ever and ever contained in the records of the Deity and someone's' eternal information of their 'him'- the holy element to existence..

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    In a way Yes. The world as we know it now will end with the second coming of Christ. He will usher in a thousand years of peace and then will judge us according to our acts and the content of our hearts.

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    If someone doesn't blow us up in the name of greed (spelled o-i-l), or in the name of democracy (spelled p-o-w-e-r), or if we don't smother ourselves in our own pollution first......

    Of course, Christians are expecting the world to end eventually, and a great many of us think it's going to be soon. Personally, I think it will be a good thing.

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    I think it's having a theocracy that's the problem. Get religion out of the affairs of government! I wish it was possible.

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    Well, today I've seen a lot of people posting who seem to think that armageddon would be a good thing. Scary, scary, scary!

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    And that's why I'm an agnostic. Who needs religion? It only makes people fight.

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