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How is the slang for buttocks that sounds like "too-kus" or "tuck -us) spelled. My elderly aunt used it.

This is not a nasty word. I heard it recently on a TV program in the sense that the person in the way should "move your (too-kus)''

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    Where does the word "tuckus" originate? (I'm not sure about the spelling, but I mean "tuckus" as in 'He has a nice tuckus.')

    A: The This is one of those words that comes to us from the Yiddish language. Like in your example, it means butt or bottom. As for spelling, I find several in different sources, including tuckus, tuchas, tuches, tokhes, tochus, tuchis, and toches. Tokhes seems to be the most common in Yiddish sources, with tuckus seemingly more frequent in goyim references.

  • I have most commonly seen it spelled as "tuckus" or "tuccus" though since it is slang and a spoken colloquialism, there is no set convention on how it should be spelled.

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    Tuchus Definition

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    As contrarians, you insist on violating the i before e except after c rule. bastards. ;-) Theist is generally spelled corectly because t's atheists who use it. Most theists use the actual flavor of theism to describe themselves, IE, Christian or Muslim. Most atheists get the etymology of the word and can therefore spell it correctly.

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    If you're gonna use it, use it correctly ...

    A butt is a butt ... but a tuchus is a nice one, exclusively applied to the female gender.

    i.e., "she's got a really nice a*ss" ... "mmm, look at that tuchus".

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    I think it is spelled "tuches" and it means "behind" in Jiddisch.

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    I'd spell it Tukus.

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    I'm not sure how it is spelled, but it is a Yiddish word.

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    Slang For Butt

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    tuchus, check link for jewis glossary.


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