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CHEAPEST PHONE SERVICE in ontario, canada?

Whats the cheapest phone service in ontario, canada. i mean for a home phone, so a land line. bell right now is charging 18.84 for a basic phone line nothing included. i checked vonage bc i will have hi speed internet, but vonage's 19.99 a mth plan only gives u 500 mins of LOCAL outgoing call time which is rediculous, any ideas?

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    Go to http://chabela0731.ld.net./ They offer some really good phone services. They offer one that is called zero cents, and another that is called opex. Both are very good services.

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    It depends on what's available in her area. A phone company can still install a high speed DSL Internet connection, though I'm not sure if they would require phone service to go along with it. Cable companies usually also offer internet, often in a variety of speeds. Mine is through a cable company, and I don't use the cable TV service (though I would get a discount on it if I got both). Or, there's satellite services if she's in a remote area that isn't serviced by high-end enough wiring to allow for highspeed internet through more traditional means. Cost depends on what the companies in her area offer, and what taxes/fees are required by the local governments. She should be able to find the local cable and phone companies in a telephone book; it should only take a few minutes to call and ask their rates and terms.

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    Try the cable company. They sometimes have flat fee lines for less than bell, and is definitely better than vonage. You should get a discount if you have phone cable and computer line through the same company

    EDIT: by the way, where are you? I really miss Ontario in the spring and fall!

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