your views on israel lebanon situation?

israel is hitting lebanon with missiles in response to hsezbollah kidnapping 2 israeli soldiers my question is do youi think that this response by israel is too extreme and uncalled for and what israel should have done and what is must do now and keep in mind that this is between israel and hezbollah and not lebanon


lebanon cant put pressure on hezbollah because it has no power over it lebbanon is very weak and the country was already on the verge of a civil war and this might make things worse with the muslims and christians in the country, and hey ask any lebanese and they will tell they dont give a damn if southern lebanon is hit by israelis hezbollah controlls that reagon of the country and no lebanese citizens actually live there its all hezbollah terrorists so i say go ahead israel bomb southern lebanon but when you bomb a christian city like beirut and destroy our airport and isolate the country and bomb the whole country than you are not just going to war with hezbollah but you are also putting innocent christian lebanese and innocent muslims in danger and ill say it again the lebanese government is very weak and can hardly enforce their own traffic laws if you think that it can do anything to stop or put pressure on hezbollah than u are mistaken i think this is in the hands of the UN

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    I think Israel sucks when it kills all these Lebanese civilians pretending to be self defense. I think the Israelis are punishing the Lebanese for not disarming Hezbollah. Well how can you disarm ~1/3 of your population? But anyway if Israel has balls, it should go after Iran and Syria not the poor Lebanese people who suffered 25 years of war and still suffering more. Maybe five years from now, Iran would have a nuclear bomb and would drop it on Israel as well as the Arab countries so they can have the Middle East for themselves. So the real enemy is not the Lebanese people but Iran.

    A true Lebanese

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    Israel didn’t dare before to go on and attack Lebanon (when the Syrian soldiers where in Leb)

    I thinks what Israel doing is totally wrong they should keep it between Hezbollah and them, they shouldn’t go on and blame the Lebanese government for something they didn’t know that Hezbollah was planning for.

    The Lebanese don’t have the capability to kidnap soldiers, they know that Israel well attack them, they simply have no weapons to protect there country.

    And about " Read the Quran...its teaches...convert or kill all Jews and infidels" who the hell told u this ?? its either u made it up or a stupid uninformed told it 2 u believe me the Quran don’t teach us to kill Jews and non Muslims 4 your surprise it teach us to address anyone no matter who he was or what religion he follows its those stupid closed minded Muslims do the opposite thing. Don’t believe any thing u hear


    "Israel left Lebanon six years ago. So what's their pretext now?"

    For your info some part of Lebanon is still conquered by Israel (Sheba) so if your talking about it legally (UN OR whatever) Hezbollah can kidnap soldiers even if they took them from Tel Aviv and they are considered hostages because Lebanon is conquered.. don’t get me wrong am not justifying what Hezbollah did

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    It's ridiculous to suggest that Lebanon has any control over the Hezbollah-backed terrorists. Syria and Iran have far more control over them than the fledgling Lebanese government does. Hell, we can't even put an end to terrorism in a country where we're waging war. What on Earth makes anyone think the Lebanese government has any control over Hezbollah?

    I have been to Lebanon on 3 different occasions, and I have relatives who live there as well as my TWO CHILDREN who are currently visiting their grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins with their father (my ex-husband). The Lebanese are, with the exceptions of a few nutcases in the Hezbollah, etc..., some of the most gracious, grounded, hospitable, and friendly people I have ever met. Do millions of innocent Lebanese civilians deserve to have their lives hanging in the balance because Israel has placed the blame for the kidnapping of TWO Israeli soldiers on the wrong entity? Do my TWO American-born, American-raised children deserve to be held hostage by the Israeli government when this will in NO WAY result in the freedom of those two Israeli soldiers and will only lead to instability and further violence? What kind of immoral nonsense will the Israeli government think up next?

    Don't get me wrong. I blame Hezbollah for their selfish, immoral actions, but Israel is striking back at the WRONG PEOPLE. The Lebanese should not and cannot be held responsible for what a few fundamentalist nutcases backed by the governments of SYRIA and IRAN have done. Why can't Israel embark on a more precise, more stealthy form of coercion and strike at those who are directly responsible for this act of terrorism rather than taking an entire country hostage?

    It's ridiculous and unjust. And anyone who says otherwise has no sense of morality, no understanding of Middle Eastern politics, and no grasp of cause and effect. Bombing Lebanon will NOT force Hezbollah to free this two men. All it will do is endanger the lives of millions, reverse the peace and prosperity that the Lebanese have established in the last decade, and put an end to Lebanese efforts to build a stabile democracy in the Middle East.

    Way to go, Israel!!! Keep this up, and you could screw up everything we've been fighting for in less than a week!

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    How would you feel if someone took advantage of you after you tried to make a wrong situation right? How would you feel if somebody cried in the name of injustice but then acted in total contempt of what you did for them?

    Hezbollah claimed they came to "Chase Israel out South Lebanon". Israel left Lebanon six years ago. So what's their pretext now?

    It's "Chase Israel out of Existence". Just listen to their boss, that vile smurf leading Iran these days.

    Israel's response was insane, but its right to should not be questioned for a minute. Not a minute.

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    I think it's terrible that Lebanon has to suffer because of Hezbollah. If Israel wants to put pressure on the enemies besieging them, they must cross into Syria, which harbors leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas both.

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    I think you have already answered your question. I too think the reaction is too extreme and not targeted at the right people. However obviously the Hezbollah militia shouldn't just start killing and kidnapping Israeli's either. The whole situation is very worrying.

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    Lebanon is f*cked. They had better put severe pressure on Hezbollah to return the soldiers and force them to end their terrorist tactics or Israel will flatten Lebanon quickly.

  • Israel has every right to defend its citizens and borders.

    Militant muslims(jihadist) do not want peace, they want Israel(Jews) and all infidels(non muslims) destroyed.

    Read the Quran...its teaches...convert or kill all Jews and infidels.

    Israel has always been open to concessions of land, hopes of gaining a peaceful existence with Palestinians and other muslim countries; but every time they give an inch the muslims want a mile.

    I say, let Israel do what they feel is best for the safety of their citizens.

    The US has always supported Israel and her right to exist and live in peace, and will continue to do so.

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    You fiilthy RACIST if u r a true lebanese u wouldnt care about a muslim or christian u would care about lebanon and defending it and hesbollah is doin the job. You would be invaded if hebollah is not there

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    I think Israel has every right to do what it takes to protect its people

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